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held on 21st January 2005

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The Committee met from 7:50pm to 10:30pm.

Hove Building: The Conservation Officer from Brighton & Hove Council had refused to allow the building to be erected without chimneys, even though the site could not support the weight of the stacks without additional and expensive foundations. The Committee agreed to relocate the building to the drive, adjacent to the Classroom, so that the chimneys could be reinstated.

Society Finance: Subscription / donation income for 2004 increased by 8.8% against 2003 and all of these funds were transferred to the plc as a loan against the future share issue. The Committee formally agreed to continue this arrangement for 2005.

Membership Matters: Membership numbers still (just) over 9,000. The new membership database is now live and Gerry Brown was congratulated on the work he has done to achieve this. Corporate membership for the Southern Electric Group was agreed, now that the 4COR Motor Unit is on site.

HLF Grant: Nicholas Pryor was congratulated on our success in getting a Stage 1 pass. There was much to do before we had to submit the proposal for Stage 2 and he is consulting interest groups, including the Museum Committee. Martin Lock had been appointed as Project Engineer.

New Model Railway: The HLF decision meant that it was likely the buildings on the Woodpax site would be demolished early 2006 and so it was difficult to justify the cost and effort needed to allow the model railway to be opened to the public for such a short period of time. The Committee therefore agreed not to proceed with this project.

Brighton Atlantic shed: The Committee agreed to support the erection of this building in the Loco Yard, which it understood would be funded jointly by the Atlantic Fund and the Trust.

H Class Locomotive: The Committee agreed it would like the H Class purchased so as to remain on the Railway subject to funding being made available such as through the Trust.

LBSC Box Van: The Committee noted that this vehicle (on a list previously agreed by the Committee) had become available and would be acquired and located off-track for the time being.

Company Matters: The Committee noted with pleasure the increased trading results in the shop and the developing plans for trading over the web.

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be held on 18th February with attendance by the Fire Dept, Bluebell Railway Trust (Society reps) and HRA Representative.

Members' Forum: This will be held on Saturday 5th February, commencing at 8pm. Normal Saturday evening bar and food service from 7.30pm. If anyone is intending to come and wants to eat, please email (remove NO-SPAM from address first) by Thursday 3rd February 2005 so that the Catering dept have a better idea of numbers.


Gavin Bennett
Hon Gen Secretary


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