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held on 28th July 2006

The Committee met from 7:36pm until 11pm. Roger Cruse, Charles Hudson and Russell Pearce were absent.

Membership Matters: Membership numbers currently stood at just over 9,600.

Finance: Society subscription/donation income for the first six months amounted to £83k (£75k in 2005). So far this year, the Society has loaned the plc £84k.

Direct debits: The company was waiting for Counselís opinion on the question of the company acting as guarantor for subscription direct debits.

Infrastructure Trustee: The Committee confirmed that, contrary to a view promulgated by the Infrastructure Director, Chris Cooper had been appointed by the Committee as Trustee for the whole of Infrastructure and not just those parts of the portfolio selected by the plc. This included chairmanship of the Infrastructure sub-committee in accordance with Rule 15(b). It also confirmed that the structure, remit and terms of reference of the sub-committee were those agreed by the Trustees in 2003.

Applications for Trust Funding: The Committee agreed to support the application to the Trust for funding for 9 new tarpaulins to cover some of the carriages stored in the open and for the acquisition of an intrascope for locomotive boiler examination. Another project was also discussed but this has to remain confidential for the time being whilst negotiations take place.

Museum: The Committee agreed to the disposal by auction of a number of posters held by the museum which fell outside the museum's remit (SR and constituent companies). The Committee recorded with sadness the death of John Potter and acknowledged the gap this would leave in the organisation.

Peter Cox Memorial: Ideas are being sought as to the sort of Memorial we should have for Peter Cox. It was argued that an entry in the Memorial Book should suffice but this was not considered a suitable tribute. If you have any suggestions to make, please forward them to me.

Extension: The Committee noted with pleasure the purchase of the East Grinstead Station site. This now left the entrenched negotiations with West Sussex County Council as the final obstacle to the share issue. The Committee were updated on these but reporting restrictions have been imposed due to the sensitive nature of the negotiations.

Woodpax: The Committee were updated on the situation with the Woodpax project but again, reporting restrictions have been imposed because of sensitive discussions. It was noted that the burdens being placed on the project by the Environment Agency were not helping.

Next Meeting: The next Committee meeting will be held on 15th September

Gavin Bennett
General Secretary


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