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SUMMARY OF TRUSTEES MEETING held on 17th October 2003

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Finance: The downturn in fare revenue caused by the hot weather in August did not recover in September. However, income was running very close to budget. Expenditure was £105k ahead of budget but most of this was expenditure on the shop and cottages, for which we have business loans that we have not yet drawn down. Agreement had been reached with MBNA and a new agreement signed, thanks to the efforts of David Foale and Russell Pearce. Still no picture cards as there aren't enough `Bluebell' credit cards in circulation to justify this. The Bluebell Trust has received cheque for £75k from the Inland Revenue for Gift Aid, the majority of this will be for the Woodpax project.

Extension: Mayor of East Grinstead will be laying track panel on 29th October to mark start of extension. This is a low profile event intended purely for the press and is not a public event. Network Rail had acknowledged that the land at East Grinstead is ours but the paperwork is still awaited.

Sheffield Park

  1. Station lightling: The existing installation had been condemned by Transco and a number of gas engineers had refused to quote. Currently waiting for another CORGI registered engineer to assess and quote and advice also awaited from Suggs, the manufacturers. Quote had been received for replacing installation with electric lamps but no decision has yet been made.
  2. Station entrance: Planning consents had been received for the revised layout and gates at the Station entrance and the Information Kiosk (ex Hove Station). Station entrance and gates will be priority.

Telephone Kiosks: The rented payphones are currently losing over £1,000 per annum and the losses are increasing. Trustees agreed to abolish both the Sheffield Park and Horsted Keynes telephone kiosks and there is a proposal to move the SP kiosk to Kingscote. It is hoped that we can install an internal phone, linked directly to the White House, so that passengers can make enquiries when the station is unmanned.

Locomotive Hire Policy: Existing policy re-stated, ie that do not as a rule lend out our locomotives unless there is a benefit to the Railway. Any future requests will be considered in the light of this policy and our own requirements for motive power.

Reciprocal Travel: Noted with some disappointment that a working member had tried to demand free travel for himself and his spouse on the Keighley by claiming to be the Railway's Reciprocal Travel Officer on two separate occasions. Note to be circulated listing the railways with which we have Reciprocal Travel Arrangements.

Gavin Bennett
Hon Gen Secretary


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