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One In, One Out - Doris and Carina

The 5BEL Trust have just announced the purchase of Pullman car "Carina", and a deal with Bluebell to exchange this car for "Doris".

When we purchased Doris, it was in the knowledge that it was not an ideal choice of car, but that opportunities to obtain Pullman kitchen cars are infrequent. As it appeared to be in reasonable condition we made the purchase with the intention of making it part of our Golden Arrow train, thus providing a second kitchen for operational resilience.

A year or so ago the 5BEL Trust approached Bluebell seeking to acquire Doris for their project to restore a Brighton Belle set. With one of the other remaining kitchen cars being part of pub in Yorkshire, and the rest with VSOE, it appeared that Doris might be their only chance of getting one.

Bluebell's response was that if they could provide a replacement kitchen car, then an exchange deal could be made. The arrangement will be that the replacement car will be brought up to standard at the 5BEL Trust's expense to the point that it will then cost Bluebell no more than Doris would have cost to put into service.

Carina is one of the Golden Arrow cars built in 1951, constructed as a wooden body frame on a steel underframe, with steel sides and roof sheeting, so it is a more suitable type of vehicle for our purposes than Doris. It is currently at Pickering in a partly dismantled condition. The detailed arrangements for its overhaul have yet to be worked out.

Lewis Nodes

See also the Joint Press Release with the 5BEL Trust

NOTE: subsequently it was agreed that, since the Bluebell's priority was decided to be the restoration of Car 54 (to provide a wheelchair-accessable vehicle for the Pullman train), donations intended initially for the restoration of Carina would instead be applied to Car 54.


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