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Bluebell Railway Preservation Society
Results of Elections and votes on Motions
at the AGM held on 15 May 2004

Roger Cruse           160 Elected
Richard Parfitt       113


Tim Baker             243 Elected
Charles Hudson        238 Elected
David Foale           220 Elected
Nicholas Pryor        218 Elected
Lewis Nodes           215 Elected
David Tutt            204 Elected
Simon Baker           190 Elected
Chris Cooper          188 Elected
Russell Pearce        187 Elected
Sam Bee               181 Elected
Chris White           175
Howard Strongitharm   132
Sinclair Vincent       98

Motion 1
An amendment was carried deleting the words "British Standard" such that the motion became a clear debate as to whether the LBSCR Directors' saloon should be restored with or without gangways. The debate was fairly evenly balanced, and the vote was too close to declare a result on a simple show of hands, so a second vote with tellers appointed was called for. The proposer decided at this point to withdraw the motion, since further debate, discussion, and engineering and financial studies were clearly required before the matter could be decided.


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