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East Grinstead Ground Frames Diagram

East Grinstead Ground Frames Diagram
East Grinstead Ground Frames Diagram - © Bluebell Railway
The track plan at East Grinstead is very simple and does not require the presence of a Signalman. Instead the various functions are controlled by Ground Frames with the Bluebell's normal operations being by the use of Ground Frame "B", Ground Frame "A" being used for movement from and to Network Rail. The single line token from Kingscote (working on the one train in section basis) allows the train crew to release and operate the Ground Frame so that they may perform their run-round. Upon arrival in the platform at East Grinstead the engine will detach and run forward over a hand-operated point which will then be changed to allow the engine to run back through the Loop. Before re-joining his engine the crew member involved will reset the hand point for the platform road. The Ground Frame "B" will be operated to allow the crossover points 3 to be changed and then for ground signal 4 to be pulled off, allowing the engine to run forward towards the single line. Once clear of the points the crossover 3 will then be changed once more and point lock 1 engaged, the Release Lever 2 being replaced and the token being taken out (thus preventing any further operation of the Ground Frame without the token being available) and the driver then authorised to set his engine back on to the train in the platform. When departure time arrives the train will proceed down the single line towards Kingscote, advising the Signalman of its imminent arrival there by a short audible warning given when the train reaches the first Kingscote track circuit.
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