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Giants of Steam 2009
Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th October

On Saturday 24th October Pete Waterman will be signing copies of his new book at Sheffield Park between 10.30 and 11.30am and 2-4pm Due a mechanical fault, 30777 'Sir Lamiel' is unable to visit the Bluebell at this time. However, the event has been re-cast; please be assured that it is still very much our intention to put on a good show, with our most intensive possible timetable over the weekend, and more of a "Southern Branch Line" feel on the Friday. There are many additional attractions listed further down this page.

As an extra attraction we have been able to add a freight train hauled by our BR-black liveried Dukedog 9017, running both Saturday and Sunday.

We are pleased to be able to host an additional visitor - Pete Waterman will be in attendance on Saturday 24th October, with book signings taking place at Sheffield Park between 10.30 and 11.30am, and from 2.00 to 4.00pm.

The event features an intensive train service, with the following locomotives:

Sir Archibald Sinclair U-class 1638 4MT tank 80151 GWR Dukedog 592 Fenchurch

80151 with three Bulleid coaches departing from Horsted Keynes - 29 August 2009 - Richard Salmon

Carriages in appropriate sets

The Bluebell is justly renowned for the quality of its carriage stock. The following carriages will be used:

1638 with Maunsell train - Dave Clarke - 16 March 2009 Launch train for 34059 - 24 April 2009 - Derek Hayward

The event is being staged over a three day period, Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th October.

Vintage Buses - 21 Oct 2007 - Derek Hayward

Additional Attractions

The Timetable will be an intensive 4-train service over the weekend.
On the Friday the event will use our service one timetable with Archibald hauling the Bulleid coaches, including the newly restored 2526 making its first public outing. The second train will be 1638 (or 80151 if 1638 is not available) on the SR green Maunsell train.

The timetable details for the Saturday and Sunday are:

First trains: 11am from Sheffield Park to Kingscote, 11.17 from Horsted Keynes to Sheffield Park, 12.05 from Kingscote. A goods train leaves Horsted Keynes for Sheffield Park at 10.35am.

Passenger Trains leave Sheffield Park at: 11.00(GN), 12.10, 12.43(Pul), 1.20(GN), 2.27, 3.00(Pul), 3.30 (GN), 4.30, 5.17(GN)
Excepting the 5.17 pm (which only runs to Horsted Keynes and return) each train returns from Kingscote about an hour later.
(GN) indicates that the train includes the GNR Directors' Saloon.
(Pul) indicates that the train includes Pullman Cars.

Last trains: 4.30pm from Sheffield Park to Kingscote, returning from Kingscote at 5.15pm.
5.17pm from Sheffield Park to Horsted Keynes.
Passengers travelling on either of these trains wishing to return to Sheffield Park, may do so on the 5.40 from Horsted Keynes, arriving back at Sheffield Park at 5.53pm.

Full details will be included in the working timetable and event guide - see below.

We regret that due to work needed recently on other locomotives, the overhaul of LBSCR E4 No.B473 will not be completed in time to take part in this event.

Route 472 and 473 Bus Times for Saturday and Sunday only

Subject to availability, a vintage RM will be used.

Bus 473 Timetable: 24 & 25 October
East Grinstead Stn (dep)   10:10  11:10  12:10  1:10  2:10  3:10  4:10  5:10
East Grinstead High St     10:15  11:15  12:15  1:15  2:15  3:15  4:15  5:15
Kingscote  Station (arr)   10:25  11:25  12:25  1:25  2:25  3:25  4:25  5:25
Kingscote Station (dep)    10:42  11:42  12:42  1:42  2:42  3:42  4:41  5:41
East Grinstead High St     10:52  11:52  12:52  1:52  2:52  3:52   -     -  
East Grinstead Stn (arr)   10:57  11:57  12:57  1:57  2:57  3:57  4:49  5:49

Also on 24 & 25 October, a Service 472 from Brighton and Lewes to East Grinstead runs a single journey at the start of the day (and return at the end), using the RML (subject to availability), which becomes the 473 service at East Grinstead. Details from Brighton & Hove: PDF file with details and fares.
Please note that this service is in addition to, and separate from the free vintage bus service, Service 20, which will operate from Brighton to Sheffield Park on the Sunday only.

Event Guide

An event guide and working timetable will be available for £1.00 on the day.

Details of B&B Accommodation in the area are available here.

Please note that whilst the Bluebell Railway will endeavour
to deliver the attractions advertised, this may not always be possible,
depending on locomotive availability or other factors beyond our control.


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