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YEAR 2005
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Incorporating the 2005 Bluebell Railway
Timetable and Special Events listing

Please note that at present, since this calendar became available, we are suffering from unreliability presumnably due to the high load on the server as everyone tries to access the files simultaneously. If you experience problems please try using the mirror site, as below. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The 2005 calendar is available as a single download of 4.1 Mb here:
Single download version. NB. The best way to down-load it (dependant on your specific browser) may be to "Save as file" or "Save link as...".

NB: as of 26th December, October has been replaced with a new version, making it clearer that the mid-week service for the first three weeks is only the pre-booked Autumn Colour Observation Car specials. If you have already downloaded the calendar, you can download a replacement "October" here. The full and p11-15 downloads have been updated to include the change.

It is also available as three smaller downloads, 1.2 Mb, 1.5 Mb and 1.4 Mb which may be easier for slower, less reliable, connections:
a) Pages 1-5, b) Pages 6-10 and c) Pages 11-15
Each of these files should take around half a minute to download on Broadband, or 5-7 minutes on dial-up.

If the above downloads are causing you problems, please try this mirror site:
a) Pages 1-5, b) Pages 6-10 and c) Pages 11-15

This Calendar is only available as a pdf download.

If you do not already have a pdf (portable document format) viewer, then Adobe Acrobat Viewer is available for free download here (text only download page here).

The 2001 Calendar is still available.

Other Downloads and fund-raising:

As fund-raising for the overhaul of SECR P-class 323 "Bluebell", a PC Screensaver is available.

A donation is made to Bluebell Atlantic Project when you buy Historical Transport Film videos from Beulah through this link.


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