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Bluebell Railway Northern Extension

The East Grinstead Platform Fence

Arris rails - David Chappell Painting of palings - David Chappell

While attention has understandable been focused on the track laying and the pilot trial of 'Waste by Rail' there are an awful lot of other tasks to be completed to finish our station. One such task is the erection of a paling fence at the back edge of our platform, a sample of which was required as part of the recent inspection by Her Majesty's Railway Inspector. This task is falling to another group of dedicated volunteers led by 'Friends of Kingscote' members John Sisley, Les Haines and Keith Marriott.

How to store hundreds of palings - David Chappell Painting of palings - David Chappell

Nearly 1,700 pieces of timber are undergoing up to six processes (knotting, priming, undercoating, etc) to provide a suitable and appropriate fence. This has turned into a bit of a logistical and storage challenge. Work started at Kingscote several weeks ago where over 20 volunteers have already spent over 700 hours preparing the timber for its transformation into a fence.

How to paint a large number of arris rails - David Chappell Some of the team at Kingscote - David Chappell

The painted timber is now being transferred to the station where the arris rails (the horizontals) are being secured to lengths of old bullhead rail set vertically in the back wall of the platform. Then the palings (the verticals) are nailed on. The fence receives a final gloss coat of 'bamboo' coloured paint to complete the job (a special order from Dulux). The final result will look very similar to the fencing at Kingscote.

Installation of arris rails - David Chappell Fixing palings - David Chappell

The work has been done by a combination of Friends of Kingscote members, and volunteers drawn from many other areas of the Railway, who offered to help. If you want to help us or become a volunteer then why not come along to the next 'Find Out More Days' on Sunday 5th September and see if you want to join in the fun.
David Chappell
Bluebell Volunteer

Work progresses - David Chappell The section of fence completed - David Chappell

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