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Progress on the Dukedog

24 December 1997 update

[View of superheater header] The superheater header has had all its ports machined. Owing to its curious shape this involved making bracketry to support it on the machines.

29 January 1998 update

A new injector body partly machined. [View of new injector body]

5 February 1998 update

[View of loco in workshop] The loco currently standing in the workshop. The boiler is ready to be removed, which will be done once the E4's boiler is fitted to its frames.
New superheater element joints being made. So far only one of the four holes has been machined. Looking at the topmost joint in the nearer pile: the end on the left will go into the header; the longer flat face will have two holes, into which one end of each of two elements will be brazed, each joint being either an inlet or an outlet for a pair of elements. The holes at the end on the right will be plugged. [View of new superheater element joints]

22 May 1998 update

The new injector is now complete.

[View of injector parts] Pictures of the new injector showing it various parts, and a close-up of the hinged combining cone. [View of injector combining cone]

How it works: Martin Nichols, maker of the new injector, provides a description of its workings.

12 August 1998 update

[Tubeplate in process of removal] The smokebox has been removed, and removal of the tubeplate is in progress. This picture shows the rivet heads burned off. About half of them have been punched out using the rivet-breaker shown on the right. [Rivet-breaker tool]

11 December 1998 update

[Tubeplate flange ring] The front tubeplate has been removed. This picture shows the flange ring, which also needs replacement owing to cracks caused by corrosion.
The firebox crown stays all need to be replaced. Here the old stays are being drilled out of the outer wrapper plate. [Crown stays being drilled out]
[Inside the firebox] Inside the firebox, after the crown stays have been gas-cut out of the copper inner crown sheet, and some of the old foundation rivets partly burned out. [Burned-out foundation rivets]

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