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Bluebell Railway Preservation Society
Carriage and Wagon Restoration Policy

As adopted by the Trustees of the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society, 2003

It is the policy of the Bluebell Railway to restore and maintain its own carriages and wagons, and those it is responsible for, to a high standard of safety, reliability and authenticity.

To ensure this is achieved, the following policy directives are in place:

  1. All new internal carriage and wagon restoration projects shall only be conducted at Horsted Keynes within the Down Yard. The restoration projects currently outside this area shall be bought within it as soon as is reasonably practicable.
  2. The loco works at Sheffield Park may be used for specified repairs.
  3. Minor cosmetic maintenance work may be conducted at other locations as agreed with the T&RS director; this will normally be confined to painting.
  4. Restorations or part restorations may be contracted out and be conducted at locations away from the railway under the overall control of the T&RS Director.
  5. The overall standard of all restoration work is the responsibility of the T&RS Director and is delegated to the Carriage and Wagon Works Manager. All restoration work must meet the standard required by the Manager.
  6. Any proposed project will need to be approved by the T&RS Director. To gain approval for a project, the proposer(s) will normally have to address the following issues:
    • a. Funding the project
    • b. Resources required including labour, tools and facilities
    • c. Programme to completion incorporating fund raising and resources
    • d. Location for project material storage
    • e. Sourcing of scarce difficult or expensive items
    • f. Quality control
    • g. Responsible personnel
    • h. Ownership of vehicle
  7. Release of vehicles to traffic will only be authorised by competent personnel as defined by the T&RS director.

Excluded from this Policy are railway vehicles determined by the C&W Rolling Stock Committee and agreed by the T&RS Director to be permanently used other than for rail service. Any variation of this Policy will require the agreement of the Trustees of the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society.


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