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BRPS AGM - 21st May 2011
Brief Report

The main headline from the meeting is that we now expect to be able to fund the next 7 weeks of digging and "Waste by Rail" operation on the extension, planned in three tranches in July, August and September, but we still urgently need donations to the appeal to enable the Waste by Rail operation to achieve its objective by the 31 March 2012 Landfill Tax Exemption deadline. That 7 weeks of digging then leaves an achievable fund-raising target for the rest of the year of £600,000 to extract sufficient waste (another 5 weeks of digging) to enable track to be laid right through Imberhorne cutting, although it will leave significant and quite difficult work to be done before we can run trains, so clearly achieving the full £2 Million target this year is still the preferred option if at all possible.

With sales of Tenner for the tip certificates (£380), tea/coffee sales (£229), retiring collection (£447), JustTextGiving (£47 plus Gift Aid), and donations sent along with apologies (£600 + Gift Aid), a total of over £1700 was raised towards the extension during the course of the evening.

Election results for the four available BRPS Trustee positions were as follows:
     Chris Hunford - 177 votes - Elected
     Charles Hudson - 173 votes - Elected
     John Walls - 141 votes - Elected
     Russell Pearce - 138 votes - Elected
     John Ely - 105 votes
There were 279 members signed in to the AGM, and there were 12 spoilt ballot papers.

Correction to 2010 Accounts Booklet - unfortunately a couple of pages were missed/duplicated in the printing of the 2010 accounts booklet recently sent to members. This correction slip has been printed FOC for us, and sent out with the plc accounts mailing, with the next Bluebell News, and was available at the AGM on Saturday 21 May. If the link to the pdf does not open directly, please right-click on the link to download the file to your computer.


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