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"Large Groups", "Railway of the Decade" and "Heritage Alliance Heroes" awards

1 June 2014: "Railway of the Decade" plaque unveiled at Sheffield Park

David Allan unveils the Railway of the Decade plaque - Jon Bowers - 1 June 2014 Jon Bowers' photo shows David Allan, Chairman of Ian Allan Publishing, unveiling our National Railway Heritage Awards "Railway of the Decade" plaque at Sheffield Park on Sunday 1 June. The award had been presented to us by Loyd Grossman at the awards ceremony back in December, as noted below.

8 February 2014: Heritage Railway Association "Large Groups" award

HRA Award - 8 Feb 2014 The awards is made to a HRA member organisation for an outstanding achievement in railway preservation. The Bluebell Railway received this award in recognition of its completing the long awaited physical link with the national rail network which enhances the profile and business opportunities both on the railway and in the local economy. This enormous task was made possible by the removal, mainly by rail, of a large quantity of landfill waste material.

On the left, PLC chairman Dick Fearn and BRPS Vice Chairman Sam Bee receive the award from Lord Faulkner of Worcester, HRA chairman, at the Association's annual dinner, in the company of other Bluebell members who were present at the meeting, David Wigley and Roger Price. On the right, Roger Kelly shows the detail of the trophy; he had missed the photocall because he was on stage thanking those who gave us the award.

8 December 2013: It's been a good week for Bluebell, picking up 2 major awards!

David Allen, Roy Watts, Loyd Grossman and Dick Fearn - Duncan Phillips Photography - 4 Dec  2013 Firstly, on Wednesday 4th December, at the Ian Allan National Heritage Railway awards:
We had been informed that we were a candidate for the Railway of the Year ... but when it was announced, the Mid Norfolk Railway was the winner. Our congratulations to them!
However this was followed by a special category, introduced this year, and we are pleased to announce that the Bluebell Railway was awarded the "Ian Allan Heritage Railway of the Decade" award!

The award was presented to the Chairmen of the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society and plc, Roy Watts (2nd from left) and Dick Fearn (right), by Loyd Grossman. The photo, from Duncan Phillips Photography also includes David Allan, Chairman of Ian Allan Publishing on the left.

Then on Thursday, Chris White was specially commended in the "Heritage Alliance Heroes Awards", in recognition of exceptional volunteer effort, at the Heritage Alliance's Annual Heritage Day at the Royal Geographical Society, Kensington, London, presented by none other than Loyd Grossman, who made a highly entertaining keynote speech as well as recognising and making several amusing anecdote connections between the two awards he had presented!

Its a real honour to receive these awards but please remember, these awards are for everyone who plays their part in working, maintaining and upkeeping the Bluebell Railway. A very well done to all concerned, you are the ones that made this happen!
        Roy Watts
        (proud) Chairman BRPS


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