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In the first three months the Share Offer has raised £375,000 from 600 applicants. Bluebell News will give a lower figure but I submitted my copy some time ago.

Although the number of shares purchased is less than the amount some people had hoped for, the sum raised will ensure work starts on excavating the Imberhorne Cutting once the site compound has been made ready

Relatively few members have made applications for shares so far, which is hardly surprising given the economic times we are living through. However if you have been putting off making an application but have been meaning to do so, please take action now. The more money we raise the longer the initial dig will last.

The share offer is open for another two and half months. Please take every opportunity to make our visitors aware of the prospectus.

Roger Kelly, Funding Director
9 October 2008


N.B. Copies of the Share Prospectus can be requested on-line, or by phone - 01825 720800


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