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Santa at Kingscote - 2 Dec 2006 - Derek Hayward Could I please take this opportunity to thank all of the members and volunteers who worked on the Santa trains throughout December serving refreshments for the paying customer, although it was touch and go on the mince pies on Christmas Eve. I heard and received several comments from the customers saying how much they enjoyed the experience and how the atmosphere on the trains was one of the things that made it a great day out, and keeps them coming back year after year.

Special mention must also go to the boys and girls of the 9F Club because without their active support "Santa" would not be able to deliver the presents to the children on the trains. The job of Santa's helper is quite a strenuous task for an elf as the sacks of presents are heavy and the constant transporting of them from one end of the train to the other is difficult enough for an adult, but for a 4 foot nothing elf this is no mean feat. Jonathan and Ruben went the extra mile by turning up resplendent in elf costumes which we will endeavour to make standard uniform for next Christmas. These two young men (as at 14/15 they can't be called children) not only did their Santa's helper work but went out of their way to do additional things that needed doing for the benefit of everyone i.e. collecting soup, emptying bins, moving rubbish etc. and despite their sizes Jonathan (2) and Callum also did great work aided by several cups of tea. So I would like to give them an extra special thank you for making my life on occasion just that bit easier.

Just think only 11 months to go and we do it all again. Once again I would like to thank everyone for their support and look forward to seeing you all next time?


Jacqui Sparks


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