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Southern Railway - Bulleid Brake Third
No. 4035, built in 1949

This carriage was dismantled for spare parts in 2004.
The underframe still remains in use on the Bluebell.

Bulleid Coach 4035 as arrived on Bluebell - Richard Salmon - 8 November 2003

The coach as it was on arrival on the Bluebell
Richard Salmon

Bulleid Coach 4035 as arrived on Bluebell - Richard Salmon - 8 November 2003 Built for serices from London to Dover, Ramsgate and Margate, and part of 4-coach set "N" No.92, this coach was part of the first batch of Bulleid coaches to have the larger 15-inch deep ventilators above the side lights, and the last to be painted Malachite green. Unfortunately compared to the later coaches, they had slender body pillars of poor quality timber, so few of this batch have survived.

Converted to a staff and dormitory coach CWT 10, (CC 99010) for one of Chipmans Chemicals' weedkiller trains, it retained its brake compartment intact, along with many other underframe components which are often missing from departmental conversions. When replaced in the Chipmans train by SR design GUV No. 4589 which Chipmans acquired in late 1980 (becoming CC 599015 once converted) 99010 remained at Horsham, largely unused, until 1988.

Alan Elliott however observed and hastily photographed it (below) in a weedkiller train just outside Eastbourne station in April 1982, so it clearly was still used on occasions. It therefore appears this might have been the last Bulleid carriage to run in a train on the national network until three of the Bluebell's Bulleid coaches were moved by rail from Carnforth to Hull on 13 February 2023.

Bulleid Coach CC99010 in a Chipmans weedkiller train near Eastbourne Station - Alan Elliott - April 1982 Bulleid Coach CC99010 in a Chipmans weedkiller train near Eastbourne Station - Alan Elliott - April 1982

Sold in 1988 and initially preserved with the intention of operating behind Bulleid pacific 'Hartland' on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, it was never restored. When offered for sale, the Bluebell Railway put in an offer to take the coach should no other railway be interested in restoring it, principally as a source of spare parts. With four Bulleid brakes already on the Bluebell, it was never the intention to restore 4035 to its original condition. When, after being advertised for most of the year, no other railway showed any interest in taking the coach, it was moved to the Bluebell. The dismantling was vitally important for the restoration of some of our other Bulleid coaches, particularly brake coach 2526, which was missing some vital components, and Corridor Composite No. 5768 which received several replacement sections of bodyside and end from 4035.

The body was dismantled in 2004, and those sections of bodyside timbers which remained in good enough condition for future re-use were retained, along with those components which will be useful for 2526. The underframe, at one time, was intended as a replacement for that under 2526, but on closer examination was more severely corroded at the ends than is ideal, and that under 2526 has been repaired instead. The underframe survives and at the time of writing carries the bodies of LSWR saloon No. 25 and LBSC 3rd No. 992. It originally carried the body of LCDR third No. 3188 (and there are photos of the underframe on its web page, alongside that for No. 25), as seen in Chris Dadson's photo below.

Bulleid underframe from 4035 carrying LCDR 3188 and LSWR 25 - 18 October 2005 Type: Semi-Open Brake Third
Built: March 1949
Original No: S4035S
Other Nos: Chipmans Chemicals CWT 10, plated CC 99010
Seating: 48 3rd class
Length: 64' 6"
Withdrawn: Jan 1965
Sold to Chipmans: March 1965
Preserved: 1988
To Bluebell: November 2003
Body broken up: 2004

Photo: Underframe from 4035 having just been loaded with the two carriage bodies recovered from Yarcombe, Devon, on 18 October 2005 (Chris Dadson).

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