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The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service Bluebell Railway Goods Division


Bluebell Railway Goods Division

S15 on a goods train photo charter - David Cable - 8 December 2020

The Goods Division undertakes a whole range of projects, from minor repairs and repaints to intermediate and full overhauls.

Ever thought about joining us and becoming a volunteer with the Goods Division at Horsted Keynes? If so then now's your chance as we build up this new team, and are welcoming new volunteers to help move the projects forward!

No particular skills are required to work with us besides a good attitude and a willingness to learn. So if you're interested follow this link and make it known you wish to join the Goods Division, or connect with us via Instagram or Facebook. We'll see you then!

What we are currently doing:

SR (Bulleid) 5-plank Open wagon No.  12058 - Major restoration

SR 20-Ton Engineers' wagon No. 62002 - Intermediate overhaul and re-plank

See news reports on the above links, and on Facebook.

What we've recently done:

LBSCR High-Bar No. 3346 - New wagon sheet, February 2022

SECR 7-plank Open Goods wagon No. 16194 - Repaint and re-lettering, August 2021

SR 'Queen Mary' Bogie Brake Van No. 56290 - Rapid repair, July 2021

16194 after its repaint - Richard Salmon - 25 August 2021
To fund the work being undertaken, we are raising funds via our Online Shop or you can Donate online to wagon overhauls via the Bluebell Railway Trust.

Follow our past and current projects via C&W Works News, or the Goods Division's Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Top: Southern Railway S15 No. 847 on a goods train photo charter, 8 December 2020 (Photo: David Cable)

Right: A recent Goods Division "Rapid Makeover" saw SECR wagon 16194 given a repaint in just over a week, in August 2021 (Photo: Richard Salmon)

In 2021, Rapido Trains announced they are producing new OO-gauge models of SECR 5-plank and 7-plank open wagons including one representing this actual wagon. They are available from our Goods Division online shop.

Rapido have followed these in 2022 with the other two designs of wagons built on the same underframes, the SECR-designed Box Vans and 2 Plank Ballast Wagons, including models of the Bluebell's very own SECR 2-plank Ballast Wagon No. 567 and SECR Box Van No. 15750. These are also available to pre-order on our online shop.

We would like to thank Rapido Trains UK for their support with fundraising for work on our goods wagon.

splash The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service
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