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Kingscote Signal Box Diagram

This now covers both Kingscote and East Grinstead, and the diagram is split into halves for clarity.
A further enlargement of the entire diagram is also available.

Kingscote Signalbox Diagram

Kingscote Signalbox Diagram

Kingscote Signal Box Diagram - © Bluebell Railway

The track plan at Kingscote grew substantially with the opening of the line to East Grinstead with the temporary Signalbox there having control of the main running line and loop line, as previously, plus control of the line on to East Grinstead.

On 5 February 2016 the new signalbox (see below) to the north of the Kingscote loop platform was commissioned. This took over the signalling of the station from the temporary box.

The new frame includes levers and interlocking for the eventual control of the East Grinstead track layout, once the remote control of the pointwork and full signalling can be resourced, although this additional functionality is not currently a priority, since there is no compelling requirement to have more than one train north of Kingscote at a time. It would however make incoming and outgoing movements over the main line slightly easier to manage, since tokens would no longer have to be moved to and from East Grinstead by road.

The new 'box has control of the Down siding, which had not been possible recently from the temporary box. The Up siding is not yet controlled from the 'box and its points are simply clipped and padlocked with the route normal, though the points are ready for connection and detected, and relevant signals potentially operational.

Further details of the history of the L-frame, and photos of the temporary and new 'boxes at Kingscote are on the Signal Boxes page.

L-frame in Kingscote Box - Derek Hayward - 24 January 2016

Derek Hayward's photo shows the L-frame and new Signal Box Diagram in Kingscote's new signal box, just prior to commissioning.

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