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Kingscote Track Layout

This page presents diagrams of the track layout at Kingscote station on the former Lewes & East Grinstead Railway, now preserved by the Bluebell Railway. The diagrams are snap-shots at significant stages in the development of the station site.

The Diagrams

1910: The track layout was probably unchanged since construction in 1882.
Kingscote track layout in 1910

1958: At some date after 1910 the goods shed was removed, and some of the sidings were also lifted, as seen in this drawing. Kingscote station itself actually closed in 1955, and, since it was not named in the original parliamentary act, was not re-opened for the "sulky service" between 1956 and second line closure of 1958. The tracks were lifted in 1964/5.
Kingscote track layout after the second closure
Kingscote Looking North, 1998
1997: The Bluebell Railway's extension reached Kingscote in 1994. The up platform had been demolished and so was rebuilt. At that time the platforms were extended northwards to 7-coach train-length, and there was only a short run-round section to the north of the platforms. In late 1995 the trackwork to the north was laid out in the final configuration which will be used once through running to East Grinstead recommences, together with the few sidings shown below, which have been created since. The rest of the former goods yard is used by a buildings materials business.

The photograph on the right, taken early in 1998, shows the tracks and sidings looking north from the dock.
Kingscote track layout in 2010

2010: In late 1998 the goods shed from Horsted Keynes was relocated to the position of the original one at Kingscote. In 2004 track was laid from Kingscote northwards towards the rubbish tip, operated as an engineers' siding, and used to extract the inert spoil from the south end of the tip. The track from Kingscote to Imberhorne South was passed for passenger use, and opened to public traffic as part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations in August 2010. Until the rubbish tip was cleared and the extension to East Grinstead completed in 2013, only special trains and occasional shuttle services operated over this section of the line.
Kingscote track layout in 2010

Three years after the line was completed to East Grinstead, the new signal box to the north of the platforms, has being brought into use, replacing the temporary box to the south of the station on 5 February 2016.

John Sandys' photo below shows the track-relaying nearly completed at the North end of the station in June 2012, in preparation for operation over the extension.

Derek Hayward's photo below shows the H-class approaching Kingscote from the South with Victorian carriages on 2 November 2013.

Track relaying north of Kingscote - John Sandys - 26 June 2012 H-class with Victorian carriages at Kingscote - Derek Hayward - 2 November 2013
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