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London & North Western Railway
No.806 - Family Saloon / Semi-Royal Saloon (built 1903)

This carriage is no longer on the Bluebell.

LNWR Semi-Royal Saloon

London & North Western Railway Semi-Royal Saloon, with clerestory roof, on arrival at the Bluebell in October 2000
Richard Salmon

LNWR Semi-Royal Saloon, interior - David Jones

Built at the same time, and with the same body style, as the LNWR's two Royal Saloons built for King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, these Family Saloons (LNWR Diagram 1), with a day saloon and two small night saloons were frequently attached to the Royal Train for the use of royal staff, family or guests. The interior of the saloons is fitted out in the same "white naval" style as the two royal carriages which are preserved in the National Railway Museum. The corridors and vestibules are in polished timber, and the external doors are varnished mahogany, contrasting with the painted finish of the rest of the exterior.

In LMS days it had remained, along with the other Royal Train vehicles, in LNWR livery but with LMS lettering. Privately owned, and restored at Tyseley in 1989 with the help of a MSC scheme, this exquisite vehicle was purchased privately by a Bluebell member in October 2000, and moved to the line to act as part of the Bluebell's dining train, entering service in mid-November 2000 following mechanical maintenance and refurbishment of the interior.

LNWR Semi-Royal Saloon in LMS lake - Richard Salmon During the early part of 2001 the carriage received a major external overhaul, including new aluminium roof covering and a complete repaint, into wartime LMS lake livery.

Whilst out of service for a period for wheel turning its owner started to repaint the vehicle into the early LMS period LNWR livery it carried on the Royal Train prior to WW2, but since the Bluebell then had no real use for the vehicle, he offered it for sale.

In January 2014 it moved from the Bluebell for an off-site filming assignment - 'Victor Frankenstein'. Whilst being transported back from the filming, the opportunity was taken to relocate it, and it was placed on loan to the Lavender Line at Isfield, arriving there on 12 March 2014. In late 2015 it was sold.

There is a 360 degree view of the interior of the carriage on the Golden Arrow.

Type: Family Saloon / Semi-Royal Saloon
Built: 1903 at Wolverton
Original No: 74
Other Nos: 5074 (1910) LMS: 10506 (1924), 806 (1933)
Length: 57'
Weight: 36 tons
Withdrawn: 1971
Preserved: c.1973
Restored: 1989
To Bluebell: Oct 2000 (Privately owned)
Left Bluebell: 13 January 2014
Current Status: See Carriage Register entry for this vehicle

For more information about the LNWR, see the LNWR Society web site.

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