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British Railways Standard Steam Stock (Mk.1)
Corridor Composite (CK) No.16012 - (built in 1957)

16012 at Horsted Keynes - Richard Salmon - 4 May 2019

16012 at Horsted Keynes - this is the corridor side (4 May 2019, Richard Salmon)

BR Mk.1 corridor composite carriage No.16012 is an earlier version of 16210. It was built for the Eastern Region of BR with vacuum braking, steam heating and was mounted on BR1 bogies. By 1974 it had been fitted with B4 roller-bearing bogies, but not additional electric heating; this latter factor leading to its withdrawal by BR at some point between 1979 and 1983.

It was sold to the Mid-Hants Railway in 1983, where it ran for a time erroneously numbered 16019. In 1991 it was sold on to the Northampton & Lamport Railway. In June 2011, now privately owned, it was moved to Cranmore on the East Somerset Railway for restoration/overhaul. The hallmark inward-opening window for stretcher cases in the centre second class compartment was replaced by a fixed light to reduce water ingress.

seating plan

16012 has been overhauled at Cranmore Traincare and restored to a close-to-original condition before being transferred to the Bluebell Railway under (as at 2014) a "storage with use" agreement with its owner. Although BR crimson-and-cream livery had been superseded by the time 16012 was built, this scheme was chosen by its owner to match the other vehicles in his set of carriages.

Third class interior of Mk1 CK 16012 - Dave Clarke - 26 October 2016 Corridor interior of Mk1 CK 16012 - Dave Clarke - 26 October 2016 First class interior of Mk1 CK 16012 - Dave Clarke - 26 October 2016
These interior views by Dave Clarke of the third and first class compartments and corridor show the BR chain-link moquette (upholstery) in the third class (left) and British Railways Festival of Britain "Leaf & Vines" pattern in the first class (right).
BR Mk.1 CK 16012

The compartment side of 16012, as it approaches Horsted Keynes station on 29 November 2014 (Dave Clarke)

Type: CK (Composite Corridor), Diagram 126
Built: 1957, at BR Wolverton Works (Lot 30351)
Original No: E16012
Other Nos: 7012(?), (16019), S16012
Seating: 24 1st class, 18 (now 24) 2nd class
Body Length: 64' 6"
Weight: 32 Tons
Withdrawn: 1979-83
Preserved: 1983
To Bluebell: 14/10/2014

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