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Southern Railway
Maunsell Open Third No.1309

SR Maunsell Open Third 1309

Photos: Richard Salmon

This coach shows the later Maunsell design, with flush-glazed windows. Its interior is an open saloon arrangement, divided by internal partitions into three sections. On withdrawal much of its interior was removed, and it served on British Railways as a mobile office. On arrival on the Bluebell it was used as the C&W Dept. mess coach, but in 1981 restoration commenced. Components from similar vehicles (such as the identical No.1306 and contemporary electric stock which had gone for scrap in the 1970s) were used, as well as some parts produced from scratch.

Third Class seating With restoration completed in 1984 No.1309 won the first-ever national "Coach of the Year" Award. Initially it was reserved for use on the "Bluebell Cutler" dining trains, and subsequently it was used on the "extension shuttle" service when the first phase of the railway's Northern Extension was opened. It has now taken its place as one of our general fleet of service vehicles, usually running as part of the "Maunsell set".

This photo (December 2003) shows the seating in No.1309, as trimmed in "chain link" moquette. The original style of blue jazz pattern moquette has now been reproduced, and is being installed in No.1309.

Type: Open Third
Built: 1935; underframe at Lancing, body at Eastleigh
Original No: 1309
Other Nos: S1309S, 081642
Seating: 56 3rd class
Length: 59'
Restriction: 4
Weight: 32 tons
Withdrawn: 1962
Preserved: 1973
To Bluebell: 1/3/1973

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