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Southern Railway No. 1482
Bulleid Open Third, built in 1950 (under BR)

SR Bulleid Open Third 1482 - Richard Salmon - June 2000

Open Third No. 1482 at Horsted Keynes, June 2000 (Richard Salmon)

This coach, built to a Southern Railway design by the newly formed British Railways, worked both as a "loose" vehicle and allocated to various "sets", including one for the Waterloo to Southampton Docks Ocean Liner trains, and later another used for London-Dover-Margate trains.

It was withdrawn by the Southern Region in 1966, and transferred to the Scottish Region for three years' further use, after which it remained as a mess facility at Bellahouston Carriage sheds, Glasgow. Its presence there was notified to the Bluebell by our friends at the Scottish Railway Preservation Society, who kindly passed over the option to purchase it themselves in our favour, and we were able to buy it.

After arrival on the Bluebell in March 1973 it ran in its Maroon livery until after Easter that year, and then was out of traffic for a heavy overhaul until 1976, when it re-entered service as part of the five-coach Bulleid set formed for the return to traffic of Bulleid Pacific 'Blackmoor Vale'.

Retrimmed interior of 1482 - Dave Clarke - 25 November 2018
In 1996 another major overhaul commenced, this time concentrating on the complete replacement of the external steel sheeting and window frames, the idea being that it would be easier to do this before the coach's condition became too poor. The interior has been thoroughly overhauled at the same time, with the intention that the coach should be fit for at least another 25 years of service. It now has fixed tables fitted to enable it to take the place of a Mk.I TSO in one of the Bluebell's front-line service sets. It re-entered service, as seen in the photo above, in June 2000.

In 2018 a rolling "intermediate" overhaul was started, and 12 of the 16 main sidelights were removed, corrosion attended to, and re-bedded, some of the interior paint and varnish work attended to, a re-wire, and a retrim started (into reproduction SR Bulleid-era moquette), whilst keeping the coach available for service for peak periods. The largely re-trimmed southern saloon is seen ready for the 2018 Santa Specials in Dave Clarke's photo on the left. More of Dave's photos of the work done at that time are available here.

Interior of 1482 - Richard Salmon - 1998
Type: Open Third
Built: Dec. 1950, underframe at Lancing, body at Eastleigh (E3581)
Original No: S1482S
Other Nos: Sc1482S, DS 70314
Seating: 64 3rd class
Length: 64' 6"
Weight: 32 Tons
Withdrawn: 1969
Preserved: 1973
To Bluebell: 3 March 1973

Interior photo on completion of restoration in 1998, whilst the carriage was still in the paint-shop, showing the BR-era "Candy Stripe" moquette. (Richard Salmon)
Further Reading: "Southern Coaches in Colour", Michael Welch, Noodle Books 2010
         "An Illustrated History of Southern Coaches", Mike King, OPC 2003
         "Bulleid's S.R. Steam Passenger Stock", David Gould, Oakwood Press, 1980 or 1994

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