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British Railways Standard Steam Stock (Mk.I)
No.4941 – Multi-purpose Saloon


4941 in traffic in April 2013 after conversion Richard Salmon

As built and as running initially on the Bluebell Railway, 4941 was identical to 64-seat Open Second carriage No. 4957. In need of structural repairs, it was withdrawn in 2007 and was converted with a wheelchair lift to supplement Multi-purpose Saloon No.5034.

The structural modifications and much of the repairs were undertaken by Cranmore Traincare. The body structure behind the corridor connection at the toilet/lift end had been damaged during its BR ownership. Although the interior in the carriage was 90% original, it was decided to convert it to appear similar to 5034. 4941 was released to traffic as an MPV for Christmas 2012 in BR(S) green livery.

The remaining seating is original although the position of a number of seat units was altered as a bulkhead was removed. The original Formica laminate wall panelling and fluorescent lighting were removed and replaced by veneered plywood panelling and 1950's-style incandescent main lighting. The luggage racks have also been removed. In the light of operational experience with 5034, 4941 has been fitted with one additional bay of fixed seating in the wheelchair-accessible saloon.

This vehicle was converted from:
Type: Diagram 89 Second Open (SO, later TSO)
Built: 1962, at BR Wolverton Works (Lot 30690)
Original No: M4941
Other Nos: 4941, TCL 99169
Seating: 64 2nd class
Body Length: 64' 6"
Weight: 37 tons
Withdrawn: 1988 and 1992
Preserved: 1993
To Bluebell: 26/11/1993

BR Mk.I SO 4941

4941 soon after entering Bluebell service in the mid-1990s Richard Salmon

Built in 1962 for the LMR, 4941 continued in service on that region through 1979. By 1983 it had been transferred to the WR where it was allocated to Cardiff Canton depot. By 1988 it was allocated to Old Oak Common (London) for Intercity special traffic and charter work. 4941 was one of twelve vehicles modified in 1989 to form the 'Travelling College' train and was used as a lecture room, suffering little alteration from its BR condition. We were thus able to return 4941 to traffic relatively easily. It was repainted in 1994, although no major structural repairs were carried out at that time.


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