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South Eastern & Chatham Railway - 950 Birdcage 2nd Brake (built in 1907)

Type: Birdcage Saloon Brake Second (later Third)
Built: (by Metropolitan Amalgamated Carriage & Wagon Co., Birmingham) 1907
Original No: 950
Other Nos: SR: 3582, BR: S3582S, DS 27
Seating: 22 2nd class (later 26 3rd class)
Withdrawn: 1953
Preserved: 196x
To Bluebell: 21/9/1998

Built for the South Eastern & Chatham Railway's boat trains, with the introduction of the new corridor boat train in the early years of the Southern Railway, it was then kept as a spare, downgraded to third class. It subsequently found use in one of the Eastern Section's 'long' sets until converted into a mess van on withdrawal. It was initially preserved at the South Eastern Steam Centre at Ashford, where it was used with temporary seating to carry passengers on short rides within the centre.

It is on the Bluebell for storage, as a privately owned vehicle.

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