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Intermediate overhaul of LNWR Observation Car 1503 (of 1913)

August 2004

Observation Car fresh from overhaul - David Harp



With painting, lettering and lining, plus a coat of varnish, the coach re-entered service in full LNWR livery on 31st July. The vehicle later returned to the paintshop for a further coat of varnish.

Photo: David Harp

March 2004

Observation car re-panelled Observation car re-panelled




The end seen in the previous photo has been re-panelled, as have three of the six sections of bodyside. Some further frame and bottom-side repairs have been found necessary towards the north end. The interior has been completely re-varnished, and some of the end and sidelights (windows) are replaced using toughenned glass.

February 2004

Structural repairs to corner, 22 Feb 2004




The LNWR observation car has come into the works for its third overhaul in its 40 years on the Bluebell. This is progressing very well, with only a few structural repairs required, and most of the work focused on re-panelling the exterior and re-finishing the interior. A repair to one corner post is seen here.


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