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BR Mk.1 Buffet Car No.1818

August 2005

roof and end repairs



This buffet car was put into service after overhaul on the Bluebell Railway back in 1984. With some repairs to a door pillar a decade later, it is not surprising that a vehicle 25 years old then, and now 45 years old, was going to need some more serious attention. This it received starting in the latter half of 2005.


The photo to the right shows a section of roof and end panelling removed for replacement, and the toilet window removed for rebedding.

February 2006

Around gangway - Dave Clarke Hole around gangway - Dave Clarke

Hole at base of gangway - Richard Salmon


Following repairs at the South end, the carriage returned to traffic for the Santa trains in December 2005, with a temporary paint-job. It returned to the works in January 2006.

Dave Clarke's photos above show the gangway connector part removed to deal with the corrosion shown here. The hole above right was just one that was to be found around the gangway.

The picture to the right by Richard Salmon shows corrosion at the base, which required a section to be welded into the main collision pillar - a fairly standard repair for the end of a Mk.I these days.

April 2006

Work on side - Dave Clarke


With the completion of work on Bulleid coach 1464, the Bulleid team joined the mid-week team to tackle the body-sides of 1818.

Dave Clarke's photo shows repairs to the body sides - mainly restricted to re-bedding the side-lights (windows) and some welded repairs to the region where a bottom-strip riveted repair had been done in BR days.

June 2006

end being re-painted - Dave Clarke


By June the carriage was in the paint shop, with the end seen here having been rubbed back hard, and bare metal primed. This was also done on the east side of the body.

Dave Clarke's second photo below shows the west side, which was stripped back to bare metal, after the application of one of several layers of undercoat, in this case brown.

By the third week of June the carriage was just ready for its first top-coat, and ran as such for the following couple of weeks for the Thomas events, and was then rostered to run for another period, whilst the other RMB received routine mechanical maintenance. 1818 will then return to the paint shop for completion.

side in undercoat - Dave Clarke

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