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BR Mk.1 Buffet Car No.1838

2 April 2005

Inner roof repairs Water tank

This buffet car was put into service after overhaul on the Bluebell Railway in 1993, but leaks due to faulty welds in the drinking water tank above the centre vestibule became evident during 2005. The problem must have been going on for some time, since the structural steel-work of the coach around the tank was badly corroded. The first photo show the inside of the roof, and it is possible to make out the structural steel sections in the roof which have had to have new sections welded in. In addition, much of the electrical wiring in this area has had to be renewed.

The second photo shows the repaired stainless-steel tank, and the associated fittings, as well as some of the roof furniture, also removed at the same time, which will be re-bedded.

This unexpected maintenance work has temporarily halted the paint-shop programme, and taken staff off the overhaul of Pullman Car 64. Such are the problems of maintaining 30 carriages in service!

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