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SR Box Van No.44611

October 2004

Box Van completed



The restoration was completed in October 2004, with the doors and roof covering fitted, and the signwriting undertaken by a member of the volunteer restoration team. A replica works plate can also be seen. At this time it still awaited a mechanical check over to pass it fit to run.

August 2004

Box Van replanked



The sides and end have been re-planked, and the one odd buffer has been replaced with one of correct pattern. The replacement for the missing ventilator hood has been fabricated and fitted. The new doors are being made off the vehicle. The roof has been stripped ready for re-covering.

July 2004

Box Van - end structure rebuilt



Here the end structure is seen with the new end pillar hot-rivited in position. The pillar came from an SR parcels van which had been dismantled to provide an underframe for a 4-wheeled carriage. It was slightly the wrong length, hence the welded joint at the top.

The remainder of the steelwork has been strippd down and primed. The floor has been replaced. The old doors and roof covering have yet to be removed.

May 2004

Box Van at start of work



The project got under way with the removal of the rotten floor and lower body-side timbers.

Box Van showing end door



The main work required can be seen at this end of the carriage, where the door cut into the end of the van can be seen, requiring not just a replacement ventilator hood, but also an entire structural pillar.

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