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Carriage & Wagon Works News

Intermediate overhaul of SR 20-Ton Engineers' wagon No. 62002

62002 intial stip-down - March 2021
This Southern Railway Engineers wagon (see its web page here) has been used extensively on demonstration goods trains since its original restoration in 2002. The floor was recently found to be badly rotten, and had been removed to enable it to continue in operation. During December 2020 the 'Goods Division' started an intermediate overhaul, which will see the side planks replaced with pressure-treated softwood, and Iroko hardwood used for the floor planks, which hopefully will last a lot longer than the original softwood. Reproductions of the original "To be returned to Angerstein Wharf" enamel plates have been made as part of the work.

The photo on the right shows the wagon soon after the start of the work, with the first planks stripped off.

Black paint going on frames - 7 February 2022
8 February 2022

The inner frames are being painted in some spare black paint. We try to use up spare paint in areas you'll never see to reduce paint wastage. While doing this work we decided to put an overhauled vacuum brake cylinder on since we have the opportunity.

While doing this we discovered a somewhat interesting BR repair to the brake gear. Luckily we have some machinists in the gang with suitable facilities at work and £30 for a piece of steel later we had a brand new replacement. There is a comparison picture of one good one, BR's flame cut one and the new replacement.

Machining brake part - February 2022 Original, BR replacement and new replacement brake part - February 2022

Needlegunning - Jack Gregory - January 2022
8 January 2022

With the recent spotlight being focused on the Bulleid wagon many of you may have believed we'd forgotten about the Engineers Wagon but no, it's been ticking over in the background. We were lucky enough to get it inside on the Boxing Day shunt to allow us to continue needle gunning and painting in between the frames we're now about 80% complete so hopefully it won't be too long before we can start reassembling the vehicle.

This has also given us the opportunity to remove the vacuum cylinder whilst it's still easy to get in and out.

Needlegunning - January 2022 Result of needlegunning - Jack Gregory - 26 January 2022

Welding headstock - 28 December 2021
28 December 2021

Lots of welding carried out on 62002 today!

As you can expect from a wagon built in 1928, there a few areas that have deteriorated a little bit, to the point they have required patch repairs to the cross beams and headstocks (buffer beam).

There was a crack in one of the steel door planks that was sorted out by cutting it out and welding it up.

Cracked steel door plank - 28 December 2021 Welding steel door plank - 28 December 2021 Welded door plank - 28 December 2021 Welding cross beam - 28 December 2021
An unused bracket (a later addition to the wagon) had been removed and so the bolt holes were welded up.
Surplus bolts cut off - 28 December 2021 Bolt holes welded up - 28 December 2021
Jack and Matt have been hard at work needle gunning and sanding down the old paintwork and have been painting the underframe into primer.
Needlegunning - 28 December 2021 Matt painting - 28 December 2021

9 December 2021

We have completed the last of the needle gunning of the external faces of the chassis, and this area has been treated with rust converter (black in the photo below) ready for priming. The winter weather has however halted work on the chassis for now.

The next photo shows at the top the plastic replica plate that came off the wagon. In the middle is an original Redbridge plate; this was used to colour match the red lettering. We believe the red border is incorrect and added during previous restoration of that plate. Finally one of the brand new enamel replicas made for us from Matt's artwork.

Chassis - December 2021 Angerstein Wharf plates - December 2021
The next photo below shows some components made in Iroko (a durable hardwood): the backing plates for the enamel "Angerstein Wharf" plates and for the label clips. Steady progress has been made on painting metal components in the paintshop up to first or second topcoat, and some completed components for the doors have now been put into storage.
Backing plates painted in topcoat - 9 December 2021 Metal components painted - 9 December 2021

Metal plank cleaned and treated - 31 October 2021
1 November 2021

A last minute addition to the shunt by the C&W Fitters meant we could have access to SR Engineers Wagon. While it was raining in the morning we managed to get one of the steel planks inside to be needle gunned and rust treated.

While it was damp outside, we gave another of the steel planks, and all the door-straps and clamps another coat of paint. We can safely say this wagon will be hard to miss with how bright it is going to be!

Metal plank in paintshop - 31 October 2021 Door components in paintshop - 31 October 2021

Matt painting chassis - 31 October 2021



By the afternoon the sun had burnt off the moisture and we were able to get a bit of painting on the underframe done as well.

Note the two remaining metal door planks on the ground, awaiting attention. On each door, one plank is metal and the remainder are timber.

Matt painting chassis - 31 October 2021 Matt painting chassis - 31 October 2021

Chassis awaiting rust treatment - October 2021
28 October 2021

Recent progress needle gunning the solebar on 62002. Being outside, the recent damp weather has prevented us rust treating and priming this area so the area has developed some surface rust.

More parts are going through the paintshop, the long bars bolt inside the planking behind each hinge and the short pieces bolt on the planking at each door spring. In the background some parts can be seen in topcoat.

The pair of vacuum pipe clamps have been painted to topcoat, the orange area bolts against the planking so has been painted to match.

Door parts in paintshop - October 2021 Pipe clamp in paintshop - October 2021

62002 and sunset - Laurie Anderson - 6 October 2021
8 October 2021

The advantage of the wagon being outside is the occasional fantastic view like this, from Wednesday 6 October (Laurie Anderson). The disadvantage however is that the nights are drawing in which restricts the work which can be done on a Wednesday evening, and as a result the work is taking longer than planned simply because we can't work in the rain or when it's dark.

Then today, the first day of Giants of Steam, the wagon is conveniently placed in the maintenance area of OP4, where needle-gunning the top face of the chassis is made easier by being able to stand between the chassis on the concrete floor. The freshly needle-gunned sections are painted with a rust-inhibiting solution prior to priming, as seen in the photos below.

Chassis in maintenance area - 8 October 2021 Chassis in maintenance area - 8 October 2021

20 September 2021

We are really now starting to catch up and get back into a real swing again post lockdown. Work has continued stripping paint, treating rust patches and repainting the wagon.

Needlegunning - 19 September 2021 Rust treatment - 19 September 2021 Needlegunning - 19 September 2021

David Chappell in the paintshop - 19 September 2021

Due to the nature of the work of make loads of noise and dust we are facilitated outside and unfortunately rain stopped play yesterday so had a plan change.

We have finally got one of the steel planks painted up into a first top coat of the Engineers Livery. It is very orange in the photo as it is under LED lighting but the colour was to the same spec as the previous repaint. This will really stand out amongst the Brown and Grey Wagons running about!

Matt painting a corner post - 18 September 2021 Inside of plank in grey - 19 September 2021 Matt and Reuben in paintshop - 19 September 2021 Metal plank in Engineers Orange - 19 September 2021

Stephen slitting nuts - 30 August 2021
31 August 2021


Lots of work carried out on Bank Holiday Monday. It saw Matt, Steven and Laurie stripping off the remaining wood from the SR Engineers Wagon 62002.

The old bolts were cut off and will be replaced as they are waisted from corrosion.

Stephen removing slitted nuts - 30 August 2021 Stephen and Matt removing planks - 30 August 2021 Planks off - 30 August 2021

Matt needlegunning - 30 August 2021




The old paint was needle-gunned off and rust treatment has been applied.

Laurie applying rust treatment - 30 August 2021 Priming - 30 August 2021 Priming - 30 August 2021

62002 on 28 August 2021
28 August 2021


Tom Simcock did a bit of needle gunning and rust treatment on the wagon today.

23 August 2021

Work began again yesterday on the SR Engineers wagon, stripping the old paintwork off and painting primer in the stripped area.

Side staunchion - 22 August 2021 Laurie painting end staunchions - 22 August 2021

62002 on 6 June 2021
7 June 2021

The Southern Railway Engineers Wagon refurbishment has been the main focus over this last weekend due to the good weather.

The weeks leading up to this point we have been mainly needle-gunning the underframe and treating the rust in the metalwork so that we can start to make 62002 more presentable.

Originally, this wagon only came in for a bit of TLC and a floor refit, however, with the way it looked we decided it needed a good repaint, and the more you looked at it the more it became obvious a full intermediate overhaul was a sensible step.

Metal door plank - 6 June 2021 Door parts - 6 June 2021

62002 plate - March 2021
March 2021



A lockdown/home-working project has been the restoration of the wagon plates, seen here in undercoat but now completed and lettered.

Needlegunning solebar - 20 December 2020
21 December 2020

Yesterday's working gang saw much activity carrying out many different tasks on Southern Railway Engineer's Wagon 62002:

We also started needle gunning the underframe and one of the steel side planks and painting them up into Bonda Primer. We are currently doing one end of the wagon then will do the other.

Needlegunned section of kerb rail - 20 December 2020 First primed section of chassis - 20 December 2020

Gritblasting in the cabinet - 20 December 2020



Work has continued in stripping the wagon of components and placing them into storage to dry. Components taken off the wagon the other week have begun being stripped down and grit blasted (left). Once, cleaned up these have been painted up into Bonda Primer in the Paint Shop.

Needlegunning side plank - 20 December 2020 Primed door components - 20 December 2020

End planks removed - 13 December 2020
13 December 2020

Today saw work continue to strip the Southern Railway Engineers Wagon 62002. Planks are being removed in readiness for the chassis to be needle gunned and repainted.

The planks will be replaced due to the rot that has occurred in the ends of the planks but will recycled as these could be shortened for normal length wagons.

While most of the bolts did come out with ease some were waisted beyond salvage so were cut off to speed the process up.

This wagon was last overhauled in September 2002 so has done very well to keep up appearances considering it has lived all of that outside in all weathers.

Unbolting end planks - 13 December 2020 Removing bolts - 13 December 2020

Dismantling continued into the evening - 13 December 2020



Work continued into the evening, by the end of which one door and both ends had been stripped.

Dismantling continued into the evening - 13 December 2020 Dismantling continued into the evening - 13 December 2020

8 December 2020
62002 arrives in the works yard - 7 December 2020
Important hooks installed - 7 December 2020

Southern Railway Engineering Wagon 62002 was moved over to the works on Monday 7 December for the start of its intermediate overhaul. While we waited for the wagon to be shunted, we installed some very important hooks above Steven's bench. No time wasting on our watch!

The floor had rotted badly and been removed a few years ago. Once the wagon was shunted, we took measurements of all timber work, ready to order new plank when we are ready for them.

Alex started to remove old bolts from the wagon underframe in readiness for cleaning up.

Alex removing bolts - 7 December 2020 Alex removing bolts - 7 December 2020

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