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Carriage & Wagon Works News

Work on the BGZ in 2008
- adaptation for serving the Pullman train

During 2008 the LMS BGZ was fitted with water and gas systems, and steam heating. The guards area has been partitionned off, and the remainder of the interior fitted out to provide the pantry and service needs for the Bluebell's Pullman train. The work has been done in such a way that the changes can later be reversed, once a further Pullman vehicle has been overhauled to undertake these functions.

November 2008

BGZ in Pullman Train - Phil Jemison 20 Nov 2008 The photo on the left by Phil Jemmison shows the BGZ in its new guise as a Pullman Pup, marshalled within the Golden Arrow formation. In addition to providing guard's accommodation, it also now has washing up facilities, storage and office accommodation. It thus replaces 'Eagle' which has been on hire from the NRM, although here it is seen coupled to 'Eagle' for a change-over period. This will take the Arrow back to being an all-pre-war formation.

The photo below, by Richard Salmon, shows the van at Sheffield Park in February 2009.

BGZ in Pullman Livery - 7 Feb 2009 - Richard Salmon

BGZ interior at the north end with the water tank in place - Richard Salmon - 11 Oct 2008

October 2008

Richard Salmon's photo below shows the BGZ back in the workshop after being painted, whilst the finishing touches are put to the interior. The photo on the right shows the interior at the north end, with the water tank in place, and the worktop and sinks being prepared for fitting.

BGZ back in the workshop after being painted - Richard Salmon - 11 Oct 2008

The north end - David Chappell - 29 Oct 2008





David Chappell's photo shows the installation of the sinks progressing as of the end of October.

August 2008

The guard's area - David Chappell - 7 Aug 2008

A selection of photos from David Chappell showing the state of the conversion work in August 2008.

This photo (left) shows the interior of the newly created guard's area, into which intrudes the gas-fuelled water heater, awaiting boxing in. Its position was determined by the existing exhuast arangement in the roof for the original stove, which had been removed and put into storage for the duration of this project.

Below is the outside of the guard's compartment, including an opening through into it, and the corridor created past it.

The exterior of the guard's area - David Chappell 10 Aug 2008
The south end - David Chappell 10 Aug 2008 The south end - David Chappell 26 Aug 2008

The guards compartment from the north end - David Chappell 10 Aug 2008

To the left above we see the south end, with shelving and relocated first-aid and tool box in the ceiling, and the thin layer of plywood laid in ready to receive the lino floor.

Two weeks later (above right) the non-slip lino is in. A steam heater may also be seen in the far corner.

This photo on the right shows the new partition around the guards area from the north end

The BGZ in white brushing filler - Dave Clarke 29 Jun 2008

June 2008



This photo by Dave Clarke shows the BGZ in white brushing filler. This is an intermediate coat between undercoats to build up a thickness of paint enabling it to be rubbed back to a smooth surface. The interior fit out is still continuing.

March 2008

The tool / first aid box has been moved to the south west corner of the BGZ - Dave Clarke 24 Mar 2008



The tool / first aid box has been moved to the south west corner of the BGZ as shown in this photo by Dave Clarke.

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