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Lowmac MU B 904134

Fenchurch shunting at Horsted Keynes - 30 March 2008 - Derek Hayward

30 March 2008

Derek Hayward's photo shows Fenchurch shunting a small engineers' train, including the Lowmac, at the 2008 Goods Train weekend.

Early March 2008

These photos show the Lowmac over the pit at Horsted Keynes on 8 March. The planking is all but finished, and signwriting is awaited.

It is planned that the vehicle will be available, at least for shunting demo movements, for the forthcoming Goods Train weekend.

Lowmac over pit - 8 March 2008 - Richard Salmon Lowmac over pit - 8 March 2008 - Richard Salmon

Photos by Richard Salmon

December 2007

The project received a boost in December, when the wagon was brought inside for a period, which allowed progress to be made quickly due to added warmth, a lack of ice on the wagon, and closer access to the necessary equipment.

The photo on the left shows Andy at work in the background cutting yet another piece of wood to shape, and on the right is a general view showing the main floor getting ever closer to completion.

Lowmac progress Lowmac progress

Photos by Nick Beck

November 2007

After several months of seemingly endless needlegunning and painting, the task of replacing the timber is starting to progress as can be seen by the packing appearing in some of the bays in the floor.

Lowmac progress Lowmac progress

Photos by Nick Beck

June 2007

The two views below show the progress as of June. The west side of the vehicle is waiting to be cleaned up and primed, while on the east side, the sides have got to the undercoat stage at the ends. As can been seen in the photo on the right, Andy is taking full advantage of the nice weather to make a start on some of the packing for the floor!

Lowmac being repainted Lowmac being repainted

Lowmac after needlegunning Lowmac after priming

Above are the before and after shots showing some more needlegunning and priming taking place on the west side of the wagon.

Photos by Nick Beck.

May 2007

Progress on Lowmac



A month later, and now some undercoat has been applied, and the inside edges are being painted black.

Behind the scenes, the job of organising the new timber and planning the best method of replanking the floor has begun.

Photo by Nick Beck.

May 2007

Progress on Lowmac



Needle-gunning, priming and undercoating is progressing. The sheer quantity of joints, corners and the additional necessity to deal with the underside of the framework makes needle-gunning a slow process. This work is in the hands of Paul Hailes and Tom Simcock with assistance from Nick Beck.

Replacement treated decking timber has been delivered, together with new coachbolts and nuts.

Photo by David Chappell

April 2007

After sufficient needlegunning had taken place, parts of the wagon could be primed and repainted. These two views from Nick Beck (l) and David Chappell (r) show this work progressing after efforts from themselves, Ray Tanner and others whose help is much appreciated.

Lowmac being primed Lowmac being primed

March 2007


The old coach bolts securing the woodwork were cut through and removed. The needle-gunning of the metal work commenced, all cleaned areas being immediately primed. Dave Chappell's shot above shows the wagon in a near complete state of undress.

February 2007

The Lowmac had been used to carry tracked machinery for some years prior to the arrival of a Flatrol which had been specially adapted for that purpose. As a consequence, the floor in the well of the wagon was largely rotten and/or missing and there were holes in the decking on the ramps. It had been hoped that we could avoid repairing it until 2008, but circumstances required us to commence the work a year earlier. The two photos below were taken by Nick Beck while removing what was left of the rotten timbers.

Lowmac south end Lowmac north end

Lowmac rotten floor Lowmac floor being removed

As the paintwork was peeling both on the framework supporting the timber decking and on the sideframes of the wagon, it became obvious that this would be more than a simple case of replacing the timber, so the decision was made to completely needlegun and repaint the wagon. Andy Prime's two photos above show the condition of the flooring when the wagon was being inspected.

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