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Carriage & Wagon Works News

Southern Railway
12/13 Ton 8-plank Open Goods Wagon 30004

Repair Progress Report

April 2015

New corner plates offered up

The new steel corner plates were drilled and slightly modified prior to painting and fitting. They were offered up and bolted in position and the body paintwork brought up to a uniform condition. Martin Skrzetuszewski

Top doors

It was noted that the bolting arrangement for securing the top doors was missing. Fortunately, the late Pete Reid had arranged for sufficient of these to be manufactured some years ago, so two sets were located and fitted. David Rhydderch

30004 in the evening sun

The lettering was refreshed by David Rhydderch. This involved stencilling and painting new tare and load capacity lettering in the correct position. David is certainly not an experienced signwriter but his work looks pretty darned good! 30004 is shown glistening in the evening sun. The new tare weight figure is one typical for the lot which includes 30004. Martin Skrzetuszewski

November 2014

New corner plates for 30004

The three new corner plates have been delivered. These were cut to size and bent by an outside company as we are unable to tackle this work on plates of this length and thickness in house. They cost around 90 each, the cost of which being sponsored by a member of the C&W Dept. They are being marked out and drilled by Tom Simcock. Speaking of costs and sponsorship, the timber and bolts used on the repairs to 30004 so far have cost almost 500, which was covered by Barry Jones' Carriage Shop. Martin Skrzetuszewski
30004 outside the paint shop

The wheelsets were changed on Sunday 9th. November by Rowan Millard, Grahame Poulson, Tom Simcock and Martin Skrzetuszewski. The existing axleboxes and bearings were refitted. Martin Skrzetuszewski

October 2014

30004 outside the paint shop

David Rhydderch touches up the "S" in white. The area around it has been painted in SR brown topcoat. Martin Skrzetuszewski

30004 outside the paint shop

With the wagon being moved back outside the paint shop, the wasted corner plates have been removed and the timber behind them repaired. Most of the wagon has been brought up to top coat utilising some spare coach paint which was of the wrong shade for its intended purpose. It will be overpainted in SR brown in due course. Martin Skrzetuszewski

September 2014

30004 in the paint shop

During September, it was possible to have 30004 placed inside the paint shop with LBSCR passenger van 270, which was being painted at the time. Some of the paintwork repair on 30004 was tackled by members of the 9F Club. Here (left) a pair of "9F Seniors" are doing their bit! Dave Clarke

fitting new floor planks

Here (right) Steve Cubitt is fitting new floor planks to the wagon. Martin Lawrence

corner plate

When the paintwork was cleaned up it became obvious that the corner plates were severely wasted. They were examined, and sadly three were found to be beyond repair. Three new corner plates were ordered at a cost of around 80 each, the cost being covered by a member of the wagon gang. Dave Clarke

August 2014

timbers being removed

The rotten floor timbers are being removed and paintwork is being touched up with primer. The open-spoke wheelsets which it is intended will be fitted are shown in the foreground. Dave Clarke

wheel showing date stamp

According to the stamping of the tyre rim, the wheelsets were built for the LMSR in the 1920's, this one in 1924. Martin Skrzetuszewski

August 2014

As the bottom side timbers help to hold down the floor timbers, the rot in the floor planks has migrated up into a couple of them so they will need to be replaced too. The wagon was originally lettered many years ago before the publication of the book on Southern Railway wagons, resulting in the load lettering being incorrect, as it is based on a SECR wagon drawing. The open-spoke wheelsets in the background were refurbished by Paul Hailes, Robert MacMillan, Tom Simcock and Ray Tanner over several months and were ultrasonically axle tested (UAT) in July. Dave Clarke

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