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The First Northern Extension Spoil Train

Monday 6th June 2005 saw the first spoil-train in connection with the removal of the Bluebell owned section of Imberhorne tip. Please note that for safety reasons, both the extension and the Ardingly spur remain construction sites, to which there is no unauthorised access.

spoil train spoil train spoil train
The honour of hauling the first train fell to visiting loco for No.41312. After arriving propelling a wagon of ash from the loco-yard, a little shunting was necessary. The loco is seen here running into the dock, and then extracting a rake of engineering wagons from the Ardingly siding. These will be stored temporarily at Kingscote in order to give a clear passage down the Ardingly spur for the incoming spoil t rains.

spoil train A "quiet" Monday at Horsted Keynes! From left to right: No.75027 waits in Platform 4 with the first train of the day to Kingscote, No.41312 will follow from Platform 2 once the former reaches Kingscote, while No.96 sits in Platform 1 on shunting duties.

spoil train spoil train
By now, No.96 had attached 2 grampus wagons and a brake-van to the rear of the train and departure time was drawing near.

spoil train spoil train
At 11.38am, guard Roger Price gave the t rain the right-away, and the first ever spoil train was off! Here are two views of the train on its way - firstly passing Vaux End (left), and secondly arriving at Kingscote.

Click here for a movie (5.3Mb, wmv format) of some of the morning shunting at Horsted Keynes, as well as shots of the Ivatt prior to departure. We then join Roger Price and Bob John in the brake-van for a few shots on the trip to Kingscote.

spoil train spoil train
Arrival at Kingscote (left) - note the train destination board!! After the unwanted stock had been shunted into the yard and the loco run-round, the two grampus wagons and brake-van were propelled through the gate, over the trap-points and onto the extension.

spoil train spoil train
Arrival at Imberhorne Lane, and the Drivepoint Contractor gets underway loading the wagons. Each wagon took about 5 minutes to load.

spoil train spoil train
A sight all Bluebell supporters have been awaiting for a long time - East Grinstead here we come!

spoil train spoil train spoil train
Back at Kingscote, and the Ivatt re-forms the train with the brake-van at the correct end for the journey back to Horsted Keynes. Click here for a movie (3.4Mb, wmv format) with a few shots of the loaded train making its return journey from Kingscote.

spoil train spoil train
The train arrives back at Horsted Keynes (left), runn ing direct into 2 road thanks to the signalling changes that had been commissioned the previous Friday. The loco is then seen running round.

spoil train spoil train
The train is propelled down the Ardingly spur, where John Millam is waiting to unload the wagons. Click here for a movie (1.1Mb, wmv format) of the train being propelled to the end of the spur.

spoil train spoil train
The first spoil is unloaded - plenty more where this came from though!

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