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6 December:
Carol Service at Horsted Keynes - Paul Furlong - 2 December 2017
  • Paul Furlong's photo shows the annual Carol Service which took place on Saturday evening. 288 people attended, including many who travelled down from East Grinstead on a train hauled by 'Camelot'.
    Mike Anton's video shows the end of the service.

  • News Update Today we were pleased to hear that we were the winner, at the National Railway Heritage Awards, of the Siemens Signalling Award for Horsted Keynes Signal Box and signalling. This was the second year in a row that Bluebell had won the award; Kingscote Signal Box and signalling was the winner in 2016. In addition the Friends of Sheffield Park were presented with a Highly Commended certificate for the restored LB&SCR entrance porch at Sheffield Park in the Stagecoach Volunteers Award. Further details are available in the NRHA Press Release.

  • News Update A press release is also now available covering our success last week in the Sussex Business Awards

  • News Update Two updates on the Project 27 Blogspot: Work progressing on rear dragbox and frames and the cylinders have been cast for the major overhaul of SECR P-class No.A27.

  • A great atmospheric video from Jon Barnes showing the four locomotives in steam on Sunday for our Santa Special services, which are sold-out for the remainder of the season.

  • Photos from the Santa Specials on 2 December by Nick Burgess

  • Photos by John Sandys from yesterday of the S15 (complete with its smoke deflectors again) leaving Sheffield Park with the Festive Feast train (as also seen in John's picture below), and also some photos of stock in the Bulleid Shop.

  • News Update Press release now available for the first carriages to go into the new Operation Undercover Phase 4 storage shed at Horsted Keynes last week. Mike Hopps photo below records the moment the Brighton Directors' Saloon broke the ceremonial ribbon.

The S15 departs from Sheffield Park with a Festive Feast train - John Sandys - 5 December 2017 Breaking the ribbon - OP4 Storage Shed - Mike Hopps - 30 November 2017

2 December:
Q-class arrives at Horsted Keynes with a Santa Special service - Brian Lacey - 2 December 2017
  • Brian Lacey's photo shows the Q-class arriving at Horsted Keynes with one of six Santa Special trains running today, with the other two being hauled by the S15 and 'Camelot'.

    All remaining Santa Specials are fully booked, but returns may become available.

  • Andy Palmer's video camera was strapped to the LBSCR Saloon as it entered the OP4 shed on Thursday.

  • Dates are now available, and bookings open, for our 2018 Golden Arrow Pullman dining trains.

  • We are pleased to confirm that we already have a visitor booked for the Branch Line Gala on 18-20 May 2018: ex-Port Talbot Railway & Docks Company Hudswell Clarke Saddle Tank, GWR No.813, is seen in Gareth Price's photo below at its home shed, Bridgnorth, on 4 July this year.

  • We were very pleased to have been presented with the top award for Leisure & Tourism in the Sussex Business Awards on Thursday evening, as seen in the photos below. The award was received by Gordon Owen (General Manager), who gave a small acceptance speech acknowledging the commitment and hard work of the volunteers and staff. He was joined on stage by Steve Bigg (Vice Chairman - Bluebell Railway Preservation Society) and James Funnell, a working volunteer and member of the Commercial Team.

813 at Bridgnorth - Gareth Price - 4 July 2017 Leisure & Tourism Award - 30 November 2017 Leisure & Tourism Award - 30 November 2017

Latest updates     -     Earlier updates     -     Latest Project News     -     Weekly train running information     -     Archive News

Latest Project News   News Update

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1 December:
First carriages into OP4 shed - Martin Lawrence - 30 November 2017
  • News Update First carriages moved into OP4
    Yesterday, in front of the project teams from the Infrastructure department and the C&W, and some of the major donors who have made the project possible, the first three carriages (the LBSCR Directors' Saloon, Maunsell Brake No.6575 and Bulleid Brake No.4279) were propelled into the new storage shed at Horsted Keynes to mark a significant milesone in the project. It also marked the retirement of Roger Kelly as our Funding Director, who has done so much to aid the development of the Railway over the last decade.
    • Martin Lawrence's November gallery is completed with his coverage of the OP4, but also includes some shots from last weekend and preparations for the ASH project, including that below, showing stock temporarily shunted out of the Loco Shed whilst the roof is re-clad. The locos should be able to return to the shed in advance of its re-opening to the public, planned for June next year.
    • John Sandys provides both a video of some of the speeches yesterday and a photo gallery (which also covers the first of the Festive Feast trains, today).
    • Nick Dearden's video complements John's, with shots of the carriages being shunted into the shed, and Camelot (a late substitution for the H-class) with the Observation Car which conveyed those travelling up from Sheffield Park.

  • Saturday 2 Dec: Annual Carol Service - 7.30pm at Horsted Keynes Station. Free Admission, or £5 by train (pre-booked) from (and later returning to) East Grinstead at 6pm - more details.

  • We are currently advertising some new Job Vacancies:
    • Catering Front-of-house Team Leader,
    • Kitchen Porter,
    • Volunteer to help in Finance and Administration Department,
    • Data Protection Officer,
    • Volunteer to assist with publicising events via Social Media.

  • The latest issue of the Bluebell's "Safety News" is available to download via the Society Members' information area of the web site.

  • Update to the Locomotive Duty Roster, with expected locomotive use for December.

  • Update to the web page for SECR carriage 1050 (5546) with a photo by Chris Ward.

  • Footplate video on the Q-class from Horsted Keynes to East Grinstead by Mike Anton.

  • During November 2017 there were 43,576 total hits on this page, from 25,443 unique visitors.

  • Keeping tabs on "our" locomotive on the main line: Bluebell life member Keith Foster sent the photo below of 66739 'Bluebell Railway' taken at Lea Bridge Station on Friday 24 October. The GBRf locomotive was hauling ballast trucks for the 'Meridian Water Line' project.

The Adams, Birch Grove and the C-class being shunted at Sheffield Park - Martin Lawrence - 29 November 2017 GBRf 66739 'Bluebell Railway' at Lea Bridge Station - Keith Foster - 24 November 2017

22 November:
Trekkers approach Sheffield Park - Martin Lawrence - 18 November 2017
  • News Update Martin Lawrence's photo on the right shows a group of the walkers at the end of their 11-mile Track Trek from East Grinstead, on arrival at Sheffield Park on Saturday.
    The 210 walkers were led at a brisk pace by East Grinstead Town Mayor, Councillor Julie Mockford, accompanied by Bluebell Railway plc Chairman, Dick Fearn. The first arrivals at Sheffield Park were at around 12.45 and the last at 4.15.
    Many thanks to those participating, raising over £13,000 in sponsorship monies towards the Tr(ack)Action Appeal, to support the cost of relaying sections of the track between Sheffield Park and Horsted Keynes. The walkers were given a first hand opportunity to see where their money was being spent as they passed Poleay Bridge as track renewal works were taking place following the works to the bridge itself. It was the track closure for this work which enabled the event to occupy the trackbed, since no trains were able to run that day.
    A team of 52 volunteers, under the leadership of James Young, helped with setting up and managing the event, including 42 who acted as track-side marshalls.
    The BRPS Chairman's Sponsorship Page is still open, should you wish to contribute to the event.

  • Great video from John Harwood showing what's been going on at Kingscote during the last couple of weeks. With the repairs and reglazing of the canopy complete, the scaffolding is down. Slewing of the track in the sidings and a shunt has released Bulleid carriage 1481, which will be stored in the new shed at Horsted Keynes. Fascinating insight into the casting of new concrete gradient posts. The SECR dancehall brake van is being repainted.

  • We are running steam trains to our Service One timetable this coming weekend (25-26 November), and again, after our Santa season, daily 26-31 December.
    The following dates for 2018 are currently advertised on the Event Calendar:
    • 1 January 2018 - Service 2 (No services 2 Jan - 9 Feb dues to track relaying)
    • 2018 is the 60th anniversary of the (second) line closure, the start of two years of 60th Anniversary events. To start this off, we are replicating the "Sulky Service" on 10-18, 24-25 February, 3-4, 10-11 and 17-18 March. This is a four-train service with timings closely following those of the 1958 pre-closure timetable. Since we run trains more slowly, it works well with the Sheffield Park departure times approximating those originally from Lewes. The event culminates over the closure weekend of 17-18 March.
    • 23-25 March - Diesel Gala
    • Steam-hauled services run daily between 30 March and 30 September
    • 18-20 May - Branch Line Gala
    • 11-12 August - Steam through the Ages
    • 12-14 October - Autumn Gala
    • 29-31 October - Halloween

  • Dates are now available for our Full Steam Ahead Driving Experience days with 'Camelot' in March, July & September 2018

  • Update with the positions in the Football Competition as of 20 November. This is a fund-raiser for the forthcoming overhaul of our Southern Railway Maunsell Dining Saloon No.7864.

  • Martin Lawrence's photo, below, shows the H-class having just been shunted by the O1, in preparation for its transfer on Thursday by road to the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition.
    Martin has now added further photos the recently out-shopped H, the 9F club at work, some training turns, the signal post which will form part of the hands-on signalling feature in the Museum's Withyham signal box, and other photos from the Track Trek to his November gallery. He also has a video which includes clips from the mega-shunt at Horsted Keyens in preparation for filling the OP4 shed.

  • Bruce Healey's photo, taken last Wednesday, shows the first pre-cast concrete block already in place, and the smaller block which is located under the walkway being lowered into place. Beneath the square holes there are 4 metre deep concreted piles. Old rail has been used as reinforcing. The piles and blocks stabilise the end of the embankment.

H and the O1 - Martin Lawrence - 19 November 2017 Lowering block at Poleay Bridge - Bruce Healey - 15 November 2017

17 November:
Camelot on Freshfield Bank - Chris Rose - 29 October 2017
  • Camelot powering up Freshfield Bank; another photo from Chris Rose taken on 29 October.

  • A reminder that we're next running trains on the weekend of 25-26 November.

  • Good luck to everyone taking part in our Track Trek sponsored walk, tomorrow, raising money for our Tr(ack) Action Appeal.
    A couple more walkers have created on-line sponsorship pages on BT MyDonate: Pleased to say that the weather forecast looks better than it was last year, particularly in the morning! It will however be cold.

  • The Tr(ack) Action Appeal itself has now reached over £100,000, but more donations are needed to get us to our £250,000 target, to fund the relaying of half a mile of track next January/February.

  • News Update The Bulleid Society's Latest News includes an update on the restoraton of Bulleid composite carriage 5768.

  • Nick Dearden has a short video showing OP4 progress, filmed about a couple of weeks ago.

  • Hornby's The Engine Shed Blog covers the fine detail of the repainting of our H-class by Heritage Painting before its forthcoming trip to Warley for next weekend.

13 November:
News Update Infrastructure Update: New tracks to OP4! - with thanks to Jon Goff.

The new headshunt and the points that lead off it towards the new shed have been completed. The pointwork, assembled alongside the Ardingly Spur, is now in the process of being moved over into its final position. The points were broken down into three main sections and the long rails taken off. These were then lifted onto the road railer trailers and slowly taken into the yard next to where they will be sited. The out of gauge load cleared the rain water down pipe at the corner of the carriage shed by only 3/4 inch!

Two of the three sections of the points are now approximately in the correct position as seen below. E-road will be temporally disconnected to allow connection to the running in road. The turnout path will curve round though the pile of soil/clay/masonry waste into the shed in line with G-road, which is the second road from the left in the shed. Work to clear the path needs to be done very soon so that we can get the track into the shed in time for its grand opening at the end of November.

More details on the Infrastructure News page.

OP4 access point going into position - Jon Goff - 24 October 2017 These points are now in position and lined up although the crossover section is not yet in position. The new headshunt and engineering sidings are now in their final positions and awaiting ballast. Also the route into the new shed has been cleared ready to connect up for the head opening at the end of November.

New Headshunt and engineers' siding - Jon Goff - 3 November 2017 Route to OP4 F-road - Jon Goff - 3 November 2017

New Headshunt and engineers' siding
Route to OP4 F-road

10 November:
All-SECR train at Town Place Bridge - Chris Rose - 29 October 2017
Q at Horsted Keynes - Brian Lacey - 4 November 2017 Hard Standing for 84030 - Martin Lawrence - 5 November 2017 Clear siding at Horsted Keynes - Martin Lawrence - 9 November 2017

1 November:
Camelot at Horsted Keynes - Brian Lacey - 28 October 2017
  • 73082 'Camelot' on arrival at Horsted Keynes with the 11:10 service from Sheffield Park on Saturday - photo thanks to Brian Lacey.

  • During the coming month trains run to our Service One timetable, on 4, 5, 25, 26 November only. The line is closed for work on Poleay Bridge (just north of Sheffield Park), and some track relaying, between 6 and 24 November.

  • There are still some tickets available for Thursday 2 November, 7.15pm: An Evening with Nicholas Owen. The talk will cover his life as a journalist, author and keen supporter of The Bluebell Railway. Further details here.

  • On Thursday 21 December we are running Reindeer Special Trains from East Grinstead. As with all our Christmas seasonal special trains, pre-booking is necessary.

  • Also on Thursday 21 Dececember we have our Victorian Christmas Trains from Sheffield Park. The two trains initially advertised have sold out, and a third train has been added, at 11am, and there are only a very few seats left on this too!

  • News Update Two updates on the Project 27 Blogspot which documents the restoration of SECR P-class No.27. The first covers the arrival of the frame components and work on the associated angle sections. The second outlines forthcoming activities, and an opportunity for anyone interested to get involved in the work.
    In addition, some of the items sold in aid of Project 27 are now available via Harrison Brown Models' online shop.

  • News Update Update on the Bulleid Society web site with some pictures John Fry took of the new inner fireboxes for 21C123 and 34059 on his last trip to South Devon Railway (Engineering).

  • Our Locomotive Works is looking for volunteers, both skilled and un-skilled.

  • During October 2017 there were 46,260 total hits on this page, from 27,025 unique visitors.

  • Brian Lacey's photo below shows the SECR O1 at Horsted Keynes with the Wealden Rambler Afternoon Tea train on Saturday. Julian Heinemann's photo shows the Camelot Locomotive Society's CCT van on Sunday, stripped to a skeleton (the roof timbers have already been stripped, repaired and replaced, and work is progressing on the repair or replacement of doors) and the steel structure part way through being grit-blasted using our new water-based grit blaster.

The SECR O1 at Horsted Keynes with the Wealden Rambler - Brian Lacey - 28 October 2017 Camelot Society CCT stripped - Julian Heinemann - 29 October 2017

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