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British Railways
General Utility Van 93722 (built in 1959)

GUV shortly after arrival - 21 January 2009 - David Chappell

The GUV at Horsted Keynes a few days after its arrival - 21 January 2009
(David Chappell)

This General Utility Van has come to the Bluebell for use as storage space. It was purchased from VSOE at Stewarts Lane.

It is the standardised BR design, comparable with the SR-designed Utility Van, in its 4-wheel or bogie versions, such as our own 2531 and 4601.

It ended its days on the national network as a Post Office liveried "NJV".

Type: General Utility Van (Bogie) - Diagram 811
Built: 1959, Pressed Steel (Lot No.30565)
Last No: 93722
Previous No: 86722
To Bluebell: 14 January 2009


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