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London Midland & Scottish Railway
3-plank drop-side medium open goods wagon 480222 (BR built)

LMS drop-side medium open goods wagon 480222

M480222 at Horsted Keynes, May 2011. David Chappell

The Railway Clearing House designated open goods wagons of standard length as 'Low', 'Medium' or 'High'. Low wagons had a drop side one timber plank high, medium wagons usually had drop sides of three timber planks in height, and high wagons had taller sides, mainly with a centre drop door (similar to 9604).

Over 10,000 medium goods wagons were built to London, Midland & Scottish Railway (LMSR) diagram D1927 between 1935 and 1949 for general merchandise, which was usually goods in large packing cases. Built to the same diagram as 474558 but to a different drawing number there are a number of differences, including the end ironwork, between these two medium goods wagons.

M480222 is one of 500 built by British Railways under Lot No.1522 (comprising Nos. M480150M480649) in 1949, with handbrake only, having been ordered by the LMSR to drawing No.13/4024. They were built at the former LMSR workshops at Wolverton, Buckinghamshire.

Built with a load capacity of 13 tons, M480222 was later fitted with vacuum brake by British Railways. Note the collars welded onto the buffer castings to extend the length of the buffers, to enable the vacuum-braked wagon to be screw coupled instead of being coupled with a 3-link coupling as used on unfitted wagons.

By 1970 this and many similar vehicles were transferred into departmental use by the Civil Engineer of the Southern Region (gaining a "D" prefix to their numbers) for carrying spoil and spent ballast from engineering work sites to tips, like those at Hoo Junction or Godstone. The wagon was purchased by Bluebell members after being withdrawn from use in 1973, and was subsequently donated to the BRPS.

LMS Medium open goods wagon M480222

M480222 during the 1990s. Richard Salmon

Compare this planked design with the later steel-bodied B458525 and B461224.

The wagon's overhaul started in 2008 and was completed in July 2009. A web-page for the restoration/overhaul may be found here.

Recommended reading:
An Illustrated History of LMS Wagons – Volume 1, by R.J.Essery. Published by OPC, 1981. ISBN 86093 127 7
This book has recently been reprinted (in soft-back form) and published by Noodle Books. ISBN13/ EAN:9781906419332
An Illustrated History of LMS Wagons – Volume 2, by R.J.Essery. Published by OPC, 1983. ISBN 86093 255 9
The LMS Wagon, by Essery & Morgan. Published by David & Charles, 1977. ISBN 0 71537 357 9

These books are not all available new. Why not try the Carriage Shop at Horsted Keynes for a used copy on your next visit?

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