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Southern Railway
Maunsell Brake Composite No. 6575

No. 6575 in 'Bluebell Blue' with Stepney at the 50th Anniversary of its arrival on the Railway - Richard Salmon - 17 May 2010

No. 6575 in 'Bluebell Blue' with Stepney at the 50th Anniversary
of its arrival on the Railway, 17 May 2010 (Richard Salmon)

Built specifically to form a single-coach portion of the Bournemouth–Newcastle service to be detached to serve Bradford or Leeds, this coach contains all the elements required for a self-contained train, i.e. first- and third-class accommodation, lavatory, luggage space and a compartment for the guard.

6575 on the Northern Extension Shuttle - Richard Salmon - 1 April 1990
6575 demonstrates well the advances made in coach design in the late 1920s. The high windows on the corridor side, in addition to allowing standing passengers a view of the passing scenery, also lend the coach a distinguished look, especially when married to the ornately lined sage green livery. Note also that, on the corridor side, half of the "doors" are not doors at all. Many's the hand that, in spite of the "No Exit" notice on the inside, has felt out of the window for the non-existent door handle!

One of the Bluebell's first two coaches (the only two for the first year), this vehicle was at first painted "Bluebell Blue". By 1974 it was practically falling apart, and was withdrawn from use until its overhaul started in 1979. Returning to traffic in 1981, having received a complete rebuild, 6575 was one of three vehicles selected in March 1992 for use in the feature film Chaplin. They were away from the railway for one weekend, being moved by road to the BR depot at Cricklewood, from whence they were used in the filming of a scene at the pre-Eurostar St. Pancras station. In the film, Robert Downey Jr. (as Charlie Chaplin) may be seen disembarking from the first-class corridor side door of the vehicle.

Compartment side of No. 6575
With a leaking roof and the general deterioration of both the interior and the structure at the brake end, 6575 was withdrawn from service at the end of November 2000 requiring an intermediate overhaul. The carriage was covered with a tarpaulin and remained in open storage until 2010, when it was given a full repaint into "Bluebell Blue" (having been taken back to bare metal) for the railway's 50th Anniversary celebrations in May 2010.

With little prospect of resources becoming available to overhaul/restore 6575, the carriage was allocated space in the new OP4 carriage storage shed at Horsted Keynes. On 30 November 2017 it became the second vehicle to be shunted into the new structure.

Corridor side of No. 6575 - January 1992 - Richard Salmon
Type: Corridor Brake Composite
Built: 1929 at Eastleigh (E363)
Original No: 6575
Other Nos: S6575S
Seating: 12 1st class, 32 3rd class
Length: 59'
Restriction: 4
Weight: 32 tons
Withdrawn: 1959
Preserved: 1960
To Bluebell: 17/5/1960

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