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Pullman Car Company 'Lilian' - Car No. 76

This vehicle is no longer on the Bluebell Railway
Car 76 - Mike Esau - 18 May 1997 Pullman 'Car No. 76', an all-steel Parlour Third built in 1928, seen on the day it was
named 'Lilian' in honour of the late wife of our late President, Bernard Holden MBE
(Mike Esau)

Although built in the same year as Car No. 64, this was one of the all-steel cars built for the Queen of Scots service run by the LNER. Later used more widely, on 9 July 1967 it was included (along with Car 64) in the formation of the last ever run of the Bournemouth Belle. Like Car 64, it came to the Bluebell via Bulmers of Hereford, and the VSOE.

It received considerable cosmetic and bodyside repairs by contractors to put it into operating condition, as a temporary replacement for Car 64 in the Bluebell's Golden Arrow dining train. This Pullman Car seats 42 diners in considerable comfort.

Some of the interior now fitted to this car (mainly seating, tables and brasswork) was recovered from the remains of Car No. 105, part of the body of which was used until 1995 as a small restaurant at the back of a shop in Kensington High Street. Other components have had to be made a-new, to restore an authentic interior to this car, which was stripped internally to form an exhibition space on Bulmer's Cider Train.

Having served us well for two decades, corrosion of the steel structure meant it had to be withdrawn from passenger service in 2015. It then continued to be used in a static capacity for a short while for the service of cream teas. Consideration was given to restoring it to operational condition, but the costs of contracting out a structural overhaul were significant when compared to overhauling otherwise similar (to the traveller) timber-bodied Pullmans, work which we are able to undertake in-house.

With the arrival of Car No. 36 in early 2020, Car 76 was offered for sale, and left the Bluebell on 12 January 2021, moving to Carnforth.

Interior of Car 76 - Derek Hayward - 12 September 2009 Type: Pullman Parlour Third
Built: 1928, Metropolitan Carriage Wagon & Finance Co., Birmingham
Pullman Schedule No: 229
Other numbers: LNER 469 (1942-46), BLM 99202 'Eve' (H.P. Bulmer)
Seating: 42 3rd class
Length: 68' 10"
Weight: 39 Tons
Withdrawn: 1967
Preserved: 1968
To Bluebell: 19 October 1996
Left Bluebell: 12 January 2021

Current status: see Railway Heritage Register

Photo of Car 76's interior (Derek Hayward, September 2009)

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