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London, Brighton & South Coast Railway
Stroudley 4w Brake Third No.949

Stroudley Coach Body 949

No.949 as it was when restoration started in July 2004 - Richard Salmon

This coach, together with that of its companion No.676, our Stroudley First, No.661 and Thirds No.328 and No.992, will form a complete LBSCR train dating from the same period as our two Terriers, also designed by William Stroudley.

Along with No.676 it was rescued from a farm near Cranleigh where it had been used as a storage shed since soon after the World War I. Originally oil lit, one lamp illuminated all three passenger compartments, which didn't have partitions above the tops of the seat backs.

A suitable Southern Railway van underframe has now been shortenned to carry this body. The underframe, formerly belonging to SR CCT No.2411 (later DS 70249), has had 6 feet removed from its length. Restoration work commenced in July 2004 after completion of No.661, but it could be at least another decade before we see a complete Stroudley train with a Stroudley engine, which will then form the oldest standard-gauge train in the country. Details of progress with the carriage's restoration are available here.

Type: 4-wheeled Brake Third (Diagram 34 and 45/147)
Built: (Midland Carriage & Wagon Co.) Sept.1881
Number: 949
Seating: 30 3rd class
Length: 26'
Weight: Original: 9 Tons
Withdrawn: 30/6/1911
Preserved: 1998
To Bluebell: 17 May 1998
Owner: Bluebell Railway Trust

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