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BR Dogfish Ballast Hoppers

British Railways - "Dogfish" Hopper Wagons
Richard Salmon

DB 992780 (built by Charles Roberts, 1959)

This is an example of a 24 Ton vacuum-braked Ballast Hopper Wagon to diagram 1/587, designed by British Railways and codenamed a 'DOGFISH'.

DB 992780 is one of 148 vehicles built in 1959 under lot 2819 by Charles Roberts and Company Ltd. at their Horbury Works, near Wakefield in Yorkshire.

This wagon was sold to the Rother Valley Railway during 2012. This reduced our fleet of hopper wagons to three vehicles, since it is envisaged that all ballast for larger engineering projects will in the future arrive by rail rather than road.

Please see DB 983103 for further details of this vehicle type.

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