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Southern Railway
Maunsell Brake Third No. 3724

SR Maunsell Brake Third 3724 - Andrew Strongitharm - April 2005

3724 in its guise as the C&W Exhibition Coach, being shunted
by E4-class No. 32473 - Andrew Strongitharm, April 2005

This coach had only four passenger compartments, with a large, flat-sided luggage area taking up the rest of the length. Built as part of a large order for "high window" stock completed in 1930, by 1931 set formations had crystallised such that 3724 was part of a four-coach set for Waterloo - Portsmouth services.
  Set 207 (1931):
    3724 - 4-compartment Brake Third (BTK)
    7218 - 7-compartment First (FK, 1927 build, low window)
    1128 - 8-compartment Third (TK)
    3725 - 4-compartment Brake Third (BTK)

The set was augmented in traffic by a Restaurant Car, an Open Third (almost certainly a "Droplight") and a Composite. It remained on these services until the 1937 electrification when, still running in a seven-coach dining set, it was moved to the Waterloo - Bournemouth - Weymouth services, where it displaced older "Ironclad" stock.

In 1947 the set was formally recognised as a six-coach set to which a loose dining car would be added.

  Set 207 (1947):
    3724 - BTK
    1128 - TK
    7218 - FK (low window)
     778 - TK (1927 build, low window)
    1287 - Open Third (1933 build, high window) - replaced by TK 1876 in 1949
    3725 - BTK

In mid-1951 this became an eight-coach set, also available for use between Waterloo and Salisbury. It remained on these main-line services and other important inter-regional services. It appears to have been reduced to a 5-car set in 1960, and the set was withdrawn in February 1962.

  Set 207 (1951-59) not necessarily in this order:
    3724 - 4-compartment Brake Third
    1128 - 8-compartment Third
    7218 - 7-compartment First (low window, withdrawn 12/59)
     778 - 8-compartment Third (low window, withdrawn 12/59)
     840 - 8-compartment Third (1929 build, withdrawn 10/61)
    1876 - 8-compartment Third (1936 build)
    1918 - 8-compartment Third (1936 build) replaced by Nondescript Saloon 7785 in 1956, wd 12/59
    3725 - 4-compartment Brake Third

3724 was then stripped internally and became a spray-coach for Chipman Chemicals' weed-killing train, housing large tanks. After purchase by the Bluebell it was cleared internally and served for over a decade as the Carriage & Wagon Department Exhibition Coach. It has now retired from this duty, and awaits its turn for eventual restoration.

In view of its low potential seating capacity, it was thought it would claim a relatively low priority. However it is now considered that it could play a key role, and attract grant funding for its restoration, if modified to enable access to the Maunsell set for passengers in wheelchairs.

Type: Corridor Brake Third
Built: 1930 at Eastleigh (E487)
Original No: 3724
Other Nos: S3724S, CWT 7
Seating: 32 3rd class
Length: 59'
Restriction: 4
Weight: 32 tons
Withdrawn: 1962
Preserved: 1987
To Bluebell: 1987
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