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Southern Railway
Gangwayed Bogie Luggage Van No. 2462

SR GBL 2462 - 12 August 2017 - Richard Salmon

Gangwayed Bogie Luggage Van (GBL) - body built in 1931, underframe in 1910.
The photo shows the van, which now hosts a railway art exhibition at Horsted Keynes, during August 2017. (Richard Salmon)

In the mid 1930s some pre-First World War LSWR carriages were rebuilt and lengthened onto new underframes (as with No. 320 in our collection). The old underframes were themselves given a new lease of life, also lengthened, and used to build these large luggage vans.

In 1939 this van became part of casualty evacuation train No. 34 as a "stretcher van". Returning to service as a luggage van in 1945, it entered departmental service in 1961, loosing its gangways and receiving extra-wide doors, as DS70141, for the use of the Power Supply Section at Horsham.

On arrival on the Bluebell Railway it was initially returned to traffic as a kitchen car for our dining train. We re-instated the gangway connectors and have subsequently rebuilt the doorways back to their original width.

No.2462 has been adopted by Matthew Cousins and used as an Art Gallery in the dock on platform 5 at Horsted Keynes. Matthew has steadily refurbished the exterior and kept the vehicle in good order, having over a period of years progressively replaced much of the external planking. If you have a few spare moments while waiting for a train at Horsted, please pay Matthew a visit and perhaps purchase one of his Bluebell inspired prints. It is usually open at weekends.

SR GBL 2462 before restoration Type: Gangwayed Bogie Luggage Van (GBL)
Built: body: SR 1931, underframe: LSWR 1910.
Number: 2462
Other numbers carried: S2462S, DS70141
Length: body 53' 5" (56' 11" overall)
Weight: 28 Tons
Brakes: Vacuum
Withdrawn: August 1961
Preserved: 1981
To Bluebell Railway: 7 September 1981

Photo - right: the van before the replacement of its wider doors. (Richard Salmon)


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