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Southern Railway
10 Ton Passenger Luggage Van No. 2186

SR PLV 2186

2186 in the loco. yard at Sheffield Park. Martin Lawrence

Type: SR Passenger Luggage Van (PLV)
BR Classification: PMV
Built: December 1934, SR Ashford Works
SR Diagram No: 3103
Original No: 2186
Other Nos: S2186(S)
Length: 32'
Weight: 13 Tons
To Service Stock: August 1956
Service Nos: DS150 and KDS150
Withdrawn: July 1978
Preserved: 1979
To Bluebell Railway: December 1979

The general purpose PLVs were used for the carriage of parcels, newspapers, and many other forms of general merchandise. The SECR design became the standard for the Southern Railway, and 979 such vans were built to essentially the same design, the last in the early days of British Railways in 1951, by then known as PMVs or Parcels and Miscellaneous Vans. They were rated to run in passenger trains, and were frequently used as extra luggage vans on longer distance trains.

Of very simple design, with the metal framing exposed, and planked on the inside, they are easy to maintain, although the decolite cement floors sometimes give problems.

The last SR-design PLV/PMV in revenue service was withdrawn in July 1986, but many continued in departmental use on BR into and through the 1990s, some being converted to air braking.

This vehicle was one of the first batch of SR built PLVs, and is now owned by the Maunsell Locomotive Society.

Go to one of the Maunsell Locomotive Society's Web Pages which includes further details of this van.


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