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British Railways - Standard Steam Stock (Mk.1)
Queen of Scots "Service Car No.2" - No.88, Staff Sleeper

Service Car 2, May 2003

BR Sleeper Composite (SLC)
Built: 1961, Wolverton
Capacity: 5 first class and 12 second class berths
Original No: M2442
Rebuilt: as Staff Sleeper
Renumbered: QoS, TOPS 99888 "88, Service Car No.2"
Length: 63' 6"
To Bluebell: 15 March 1992

Service Car 2
Photo showing the other (corridor) side of the carriage, when it used to be in the pump-house siding.

This BR designed sleeping car was used, before arrival on the Bluebell, for staff accommodation for the luxury Queen Of Scots touring train. In this, for a few thousand pounds, you can tour the highlands of Scotland. The day accommodation for this train is in pre-grouping coaches of East Coast Joint Stock and London & North Western Railway origin.

It was the livery of this latter railway in which the (rather more modern) sleeping cars were painted. Falling visitor numbers from the States, and a move to static hotel-based overnight stops, led to several of these vehicles falling surplus. This coach was initially one of 5 on loan to the Bluebell, but is now the only one still on site, used as staff accomodation at Sheffield Park - especially useful for those who have to be up at 6am to light up the engines.

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