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P-Way Works - Jan 2008

Mon 21st Jan to Friday 1st Feb

Progress as of Wednesday 30th Jan

Work at SP - 30 Jan 08 - Jon Bowers Work at SP - 30 Jan 08 - Jon Bowers

A few more photos from Jon Bowers, from Wednesday afternoon. Just about all the ironwork is now in place and secured, a lot of the ballast is down, but there is still a fair bit of "fettling" to do!

News from the first week - Sat 26th Jan

Work at SP - 26 Jan 08 - Jon Bowers Work at SP - 26 Jan 08 - Jon Bowers

Work at SP - 26 Jan 08 - Jon Bowers The first week of the engineering fortnight has been spent removing the rails, digging up the old concrete, and then installing new drainage. Terram matting was then laid, topped with ballast, such that the track could start going back down on Saturday, as seen in these photos from Jon Bowers. The first photo shows the scene at start of play that day.

The first job was to lay out timbers for the pointwork that had been dropped into place on the Friday evening - the same ironwork that came out is being re-used, but good quality new (to the Bluebell!!) timbers are being installed in the most part. The photo on the right shows the scene at the morning tea-break.

The afternoon was spent laying out the rest of the timbers - not an easy job given the confines of the site!

By close of play on Saturday (the second photo below) about half the ironwork had been laid roughly in place. This is to be fastened down in the coming days. The work at Sheffield Park re-commenced on Monday - extra volunteers are needed for the coming week! On Sunday the focus of effort moves temporarily away from Sheffield Park, with the day spent lifting, slewing, and packing a problematic section of track near Holywell waterworks, taking full advantage of the engineering blockade on the line south of Horsted Keynes.

Work at SP - 26 Jan 08 - Jon Bowers Work at SP - 26 Jan 08 - Jon Bowers
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