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Southern Railway
10 Ton "Covcar" Covered Carriage Truck 2276

DS70202 (2276) being chained down prior to the road movement to Sheffield Park, where it will become a workshop for the Bluebell Railway's S&T department. Note the Caledonian Railway carriage in the background which has been transported from Sheffield Park on the road bogies to the right of the picture. This carriage is en route to the Scottish RPS by rail.

Type: SR Covcar, also classed Van U
BR CCT (Covered Carriage Truck)
Built: May 1929, SR Ashford Works
SR Diagram No: 3101
Original No: 2276
Length: 32'
Weight: 14 Tons
To Service Stock: April 1963
Service No.: DS70202
Withdrawn: September 1973
Preserved: 1974
To Bluebell: 21st August 1974

Compare this with the more modern 2351.

2276 was one of a batch of 30 built with hinged shelving to carry packing cases of seasonal fruit. Its duties as DS 70202 were as a Stores Van, working between Lancing and Eastleigh Works. 2276 was purchased to provide storage and workshop space for the Bluebell Railway's S&T Dept. As a consequence, it has spent much of its life out of sight and not in an easy position to be photographed. Photos of its loading at Haywards Heath in 1974 have therefore been included, please click on the images to view a larger version.


DS70202 (2276) being lifted in Haywards Heath goods yard. The low-loader will be reversed under it and the van lowered into place. This is 1974 and the railway industry was not as insistant on the use of hard hats and hi-vis jackets as it is today.

Recommended reading:
An Illustrated History of Southern Coaches by Mike King,
Published by Oxford Publishing Company, 2003, ISBN 0 86093 570 1

Maunsell's SR Steam Passenger Stock 1923-1939 by David Gould,
Published by Oakwood Press, 1978/1981/1990, ISBN 0 85361 555 1 or ISBN 978 0 85361 555 2

Southern Railway Passenger Vans by David Gould,
Published by Oakwood Press (No. X50), 1992, ISBN 0 85361 428 8

These books may be available new from the Bluebell Railway Shop.

Used or older copies may be available from the Carriage Shop at Horsted Keynes which is open most weekends.


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