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Wagon Stock List

SECR Van SECR Covered goods van No.15750

The Bluebell Railway has a considerable collection of wagons. These may be divided into two categories, those that are held for preservation reasons, and those that we have for our own engineering needs. Of course, many of our engineering wagons are historic vehicles in their own right. These include the SR hand crane and the Ransome & Rapier steam crane.

Passenger rated vans are included in the separate Carriage Stock List (which includes the passenger-rated milk tanker).

This list includes the running number (linked to a photo if available), original railway company, "Name" or "Nick-name", description, (building date), capacity and tare weights, length, and (alternative numbers carried).
Please note that an indication that a wagon is "operational" does not mean that, at any particular moment in time, it has had an inspection and is available to run. Rather it means that the wagon has been operational, and has not been withdrawn from potential operational use.

In 2008 the BRPS agreed a Historic Wagons Strategy (pdf file).
There is a glossary of the different initials of the railway companies, etc., at the end of this page.

Brake Vans
     1032 Express Goods Brake Van (SR "Pillbox" design, with Vacuum Brake for MoS) (1942) 25T tare
          (Registered SR 1032, WD 11037, BR M360328 (1949), ARMY 49018) Web page
     5706 LSWR Road Van (1898) 1T cap, 15T tare 21'0" (1541, SR 54663)  Web page
    11916 SECR "Dance Hall" (1923) 25T tare (SR 55477)  Web page 
    17908 GWR "Toad" (1913) 20T tare (Oxfordshire Ironstone Co. No.6)  Web Page
   S55490 SECR "Dance Hall" (1923) 25T tare, (SECR 11934, SR 55490)  Web page [Under restoration] Owned by members of Southern Locomotives Ltd
    55993 SR "Pillbox" (1930) 25T tare  Web page [Operational]
    56290 SR "Queen Mary" Bogie Vacuum Brake Van (1936) 25T tare  Web page [Operational]
 DS 62864 BR (SECR design) "Shark" Ballast Plough (1949) 20.5T tare  Web page
Covered Goods Vans
     1577 LBSCR van underframe, recovered from Preston Park, Sept 2008 - may be combined with metalwork from 1590, an LBSCR (1908) 8T van body (SR 46263) 
     2773 LSWR 10T cap, 6T-10 tare, 21'0" (1410, WD: AD 47773)  Web page
     8112 LSWR (1912) 10T cap, 6T-17 tare, 21'0" (1406, SR 43241)  Web page
     8196 LBSCR (1913) 8T cap, 6T-10 tare, 21'4" LBSCR Diag.8, SR Diag.1433 (SR 46544, later MOD (Navy) 590) web page
    15750 SECR (c1919) 12T cap, 6T-17 tare (SR 45767, 080697)  Web page [Under overhaul]
    44611 SR (1931 on LSWR running gear) 10T cap, 6T-17 tare  Web page [Operational]
    47588 SR (1931) 12T cap, 7T-17 tare (082048)  Web page [Operational]
   524178 LMS (1945) 12T cap, 7T-12 tare, 20'11" (later MOD(Navy) 813)  Web page
   570027 LMS Banana Van (1946) 10T cap, 9T-2 tare, 20'11" (insulated and heated)  Web page - The Banana by Rail [Operational]
  B772972 BR Pallet Van (1956) (later PLA A52)  Web page
Open Goods Wagons
       91 LSWR 3, 4 or 5-plank wagon underframe (original number unknown)  Web page
     3346 LBSCR Open High-Bar (1917) 10T cap, 5T-14 tare, 18'5" (1369, SR 22568, WD: AD 46269) [Operational]
     5542 SECR (SR built) 7-plank Open Goods 12T cap, 6T-6-1 tare (PBA 59542, Original No. unknown)  Web page [Operational]
     9608 SR 5-plank Open 10T cap, 6T tare (PBA 59425, Original No. unknown)  Web page
    10013 SR 5 plank (built on LSWR running gear) 10T cap, 6T tare (PBA 59239 Original No. unknown, has also been numbered 9752)
    12058 SR 5-plank Open Merchandise Wagon (1946) 13T cap  Web page [under overhaul]
    16194 SECR 7-plank Open Goods 12T cap, 6T-6 tare (PBA 59252, Original No. unknown)  Web page [Operational]
    16358 SECR 7-plank Open Goods 12T cap, 6T-6 tare (PBA 58162) [Dismantled for major repairs]
    30004 SR 8-plank Open Goods/Mineral 12T cap, 6T-8 tare (PBA 58164, Original No. unknown)  Web page [Operational]
    37786 SR 8-plank Open Goods (1939) 10-ft wheelbase, 6T-16 tare (PBA 60026, Original No. unknown) Web page [Operational]
    50899 SECR 5-plank Open High-Bar 10T cap, 5T-14 tare (PBA 60011, Original No. unknown)  Web page
PBA 59685 Private Owner Mineral 13T cap, built by Cambrian Wagon Co. (possibly 1943) (Original No. unknown) Web page
PBA 66071 LMS 5 plank Open Merchandise Wagon (1934) 12T cap, 6T-16 tare 20'11" (Original No. unknown)  Web page
    87782 GWR 5-plank Open High-Bar 10T cap (PBA 59627) [under overhaul]
   411245 LMS 5-plank Open (1937/8) 12T cap, 6T-16 tare 20'11" (PBA 66015)  Web page [Operational]
   474558 LMS 3-plank drop-side Medium Open Goods Wagon (1937) 12T cap, 6T-16 tare, 20'11"  Web page [Operational]
  M480222 LMS/BR 3-plank drop-side Medium Open Goods Wagon (1949) 12T cap, 6T-16 tare, 20'11"  Web page [Operational]
  B458525 BR steel drop-side "Medfit" Open Goods Wagon (Ashford 1951)  Web page [Operational]
  B461224 BR steel drop-side "Medfit" Open Goods Wagon (Ashford 1952)  Web page [Operational]
  B741381 BR "Pipefit" Dropside Open Wagon (1956) 12T cap.  Web page [Operational]
Flat Wagons and Bolster Wagons
    39617 SR 14/15 Ton Motor Car Truck "ConFlat D" (1933) 14T cap, 8T-16 tare  Web page
    57889 SR Bogie Bolster (1936) 40T cap, 21T-3 tare (64628S, 083345) [On loan to Swanage Railway]
    57949 SR Bogie Bolster (1944) 40T cap, 21T-3 tare  Web page [Operational]
 BD49908B Standard BD type Goods Container BD49908B (1957) Web page
Petroleum Products Tank Wagons
     1603 Shell-BP Class A Petroleum Products Tanker (1965)   (Registered BR(M)187240, SUK067341)  Web page
     1921 ESSO Class B Spirit Tank wagon (1942)  Web page [Operational]
     4497 SHELL/BP Class A Spirit Tank wagon (1930)  Web page
Ballast Wagons
      567 SECR 2-plank Drop Side Ballast Wagon 12T cap, (Original No. unknown)  Web page [Operational - rebuilt from 7-plank PBA 59305]
    62002 SR Drop Side Engineers' Wagon (1928) 20T cap, 8T-16 tare, 12' wheelbase  Web page [Operational]
DB 983103 BR "Dogfish" Hopper Wagon (Chas. Roberts, 1959) 24T cap.  Web page [Operational]
DB 984082 BR "Grampus" Engineers' Drop Side Wagon (Cambrian, 1957)  Web page [Operational]
DB 984506 BR "Grampus" Engineers' Drop Side Wagon (Butterley, 1955)  Web page [For disposal]
DB 985854 BR "Grampus" Engineers' Drop Side Wagon (has also carried 987403, original number uncertain)  Web page [For disposal]
DB 986419 BR "Grampus" Engineers' Drop Side Wagon (Cambrian, 1956)  Web page [Operational - on loan to Lavender Line, Isfield]
DB 986591 BR "Grampus" Engineers' Drop Side Wagon (Butterley, 1956)  Web page [Operational]
DB 988395 BR "Grampus" Engineers' Drop Side Wagon (Original Number unknown)  Web page [For disposal]
DB 991391 BR "Grampus" Engineers' Drop Side Wagon (083658) (Pressed Steel, 1959)  main Web page for "Grampus" [Operational]
DB 993217 BR "Dogfish" Hopper Wagon (Chas. Roberts, 1957) 24T cap.  Web page [Operational]
DB 993348 BR "Dogfish" Hopper Wagon (Met-Cammell, 1957) 24T cap.  Web page [Operational]
Cranes and other Special Use Wagons
    61107 SR Well Wagon (1944 or 1945)  Web page [Operational]
   100677 GWR Sleeper Wagon (low floor) (1938)  Web page [Operational]
  B900036 BR 20T "Flatrol SB" (1958 Lancing)  Web page [Ex trolley wagon for continental working, now small loco boiler trolley]
  B900920 BR(W) Bogie Well Wagon (1960) (TDB96450) [Ex Motor-rail loading ramp, now Loco Boiler Carrier]
  B904134 BR 'Lowmac MU' Machinery Wagon (low floor) (1957)  Web page [Operational]
  RS 1083 MOWT (LNER) Ransome & Rapier 45 Ton Steam Crane (1943) in four units (951516, 102)  Web page [Under overhaul]
    1748S MOWT (SR) Joseph Booth & Sons 12 Ton Hand Crane (1943) (DS 1748) [Operational]
   1748SM MOWT (SR) Match Wagon for Hand Crane (1943) (DS 3182) 6.5 Tons [Operational]

While most of the engineering wagons are serviceable, only a few other wagons and vans have been restored, since the main priority of the C&W department has to be the restoration of passenger coaches. However, volunteers with an interest in wagon restoration are particularly welcome, as we are building up this side of the department.

The assistance of David Wigley, Martin Skrzetuszewski and Bob John in the compilation of this list is gratefully acknowledged.

Glossary of Railway Companies, etc.:

BR     British Railways, British Rail (post 1948)
GWR    Great Western Railway (pre 1948)
LBSCR  London Brighton & South Coast Railway (pre 1923)
LCDR   London Chatham & Dover Railway (pre 1899)
LMS    London Midland & Scottish Railway (1923-47)
LNER   London & North Eastern Railway (1923-47)
LSWR   London & South Western Railway (pre 1923)
MOD    Ministry of Defence
MoS    Ministry of Supply
MOWT   Ministry of Works and Transport (ordered stock for the railways during wartime)
PBA    Port of Bristol Authority
PLA    Port of London Authority
RSSB   Rail Safety and Standards Board
SECR   South Eastern & Chatham Railway (Joint Committee of the LCDR and SER from 1899 to 1922)
SER    South Eastern Railway (pre 1899)
SR     Southern Railway (1923-47)
WD     War Department

The Railway Heritage Register Wagon Survey
Viktor Schiffer's Links for Wagon Enthusiasts page may be of interest.
The NYMR York Area Group are very active in the collection and maintenance of engineers' wagons.
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