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Martin Ternouth

Memories of March 16th, 1958

Painting of closing day, Michael Ternouth Left: Painting of the last train, 1958 by Michael Ternouth (1911-1987).

I went on the last train of the second closure of what was then known as the Bluebell and Primrose Line. My diary for the day records that someone pulled the communication cord during the journey to delay us for twenty minutes or so. I also remember a group of lads getting out at every station and attempting to pinch the destination boards that were slotted into brackets on the platforms. I was only ten years old, but remember there being lots of noise and steam and film cameras on East Grinstead station - a huge novelty in those days.

My father had taken me up the line the previous summer in anticipation of the closure. I remember my fascination with the split-level station at East Grinstead.

On the day of the closure my father went on in advance to one of the stations with his painting kit and from his sketches produced the painting on the left. I believe (but am not sure) that the station is Newick and Chailey - with more passengers than it had seen for many a year. Hope this stirs some memories.

My father also made a major contribution to the Lewes Town Model (depicting Lewes circa 1890) on which the first part of the Lewes to East Grinstead railway line is depicted crossing the Cliffe High Street.

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