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Spring 2005 Engineering Work

The project for the first of two engineering weeks this Spring was the renewal of 3 road south of the platform s at Horsted Keynes. The following photos from Paul Robertson, the Bluebell's PW manager, illustrate the work underway.

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March 2005 Engineering work
Preparations underway for the track panels to be removed.

March 2005 Engineering work
With the track an d ballast removed, the clay underneath the formation that was causing the problems is excavated.

March 2005 Engineering work
The protective membrane is put down, and protected with sand, in order to stop the remaining clay re-surfacing.

March 2005 Engineering work
Ready for the ballast to be replaced.

2005 Engineering work
The ballast has been returned and is rolled ready for the track to be laid.

March 2005 Engineering work
The sleepers and rails are hoisted back into position...

March 2005 Engineering work
...and re-connected and aligned.

March 2005 Engineering
After further ballast has been delivered to site, the tamper moves in to level everything out!

March 2005 Engineering work
The tamper finishes off the job, before the line can be re-opened to traffic.

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Last updated 14th March 2005 by Jon Bowers, with thanks to Paul Robertson.
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